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PostPosted: Fri Jun 3, '11, 4:30 am 
Ok, I've been wanting to ask everybody about their favorite music in Phantasy Star, so here goes. I'm planning to ask a few different questions, and now I have two.

What are your five favorite songs in the series?

How do you rank the games, musically, from best to worst?

What is your favorite dungeon music in the series?

What is your favorite combat music?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 12:44 am 
(Disclaimer: Wait a few days and ask me again and my answers will have likely changed. :wink: )

1. PSI Palma overworld
2. PSIII town
3. PSIV Esper Mansion (I know this one has a title, I'm too lazy to look it up)
4. PSIII main title
5. PSI Motavia overworld

(Honorable Mention goes to the PSI town theme. It's nothing special, musically, but since I played that game to death as a child, I find it oddly comforting. :) )

I know I'm most likely in the minority, but didn't find PSII's music to be all that terrific or memorable.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 7:29 pm 
I love the PS I Motavia overworld theme! It has this really fun adventurous/nostalgic quality. I never hear anyone mention it, so I think it's so underrated. Same with the PS III town. And Esper Mansion is such a neat choice. That's one of those songs I always overlook because it plays so briefly in the game, but then when I listen to it again I'm amazed.

And I know exactly what you mean about choosing favorites from Phantasy Star. I can't even decide which game has the best music most of the time.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 9:14 pm 
I could easily make all five choices from PSI, but I'll try to spread it out. This is off the top of my head.

1. PSI: Final Dungeon
2. PSIII: Title
3. PSI: Tower
4. PSIV: When you meet Rune
5. PSI: Title

I agree with aug4th on PSII's music, I found it all bland and un-memorable.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 5:21 am 
Phantasy Star I really does have amazing music. The final dungeon theme is just so subtly groovy and sinister. Speaking of PS I's broad musical appeal, I'm adding a question to the poll.

How do you rank the games musically, from best to worst?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 6:55 am 
I was just talking with a friend of mine about this maybe a week ago.

1: Legacy (Phantasy Star III Opening Song)
2: Fal (Phantasy Star IV)
3: Death Palace (Phantasy Star II Boss Theme)
4: Requiem of Lutz (Phantasy Star IV)
5: 01 Title Theme (Phantasy Star I) *does anyone know the real name to this song cause all I can ever find is 01 Title Theme for the name of it.*

In my opinion for best to worst Phantasy Star games, and remember this is just my opinion.

1: Phantasy Star III
2: Phantasy Star IV & Phantasy Star II tied for this position
3: Phantasy Star I
(And if we dwell even further past the original series...)
4: Phantasy Star Online (Great music for most of the area's in the game)
5: Phantasy Star Gaiden (Didn't care for alot of the music but it was still great, I liked the battle theme for some strange reason.)
6: Phantasy Star Universe (Didn't care for most of, if any of the music in this one.)

I haven't played any of the text stories but I need to get to them eventually.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 2:06 pm 
To rank the series' music, for me it goes:

1. Phantasy Star I
2. Phantasy Star IV
A distant 3. Phantasy Star III, and if not for the title theme it would be tied with:
A very distant 4. Phantasy Star II

I just feel that PS I & IV are on a different level than II & III.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 3:40 am 
I'm probably going to have to go back in here and change these tomorrow, and feel like a goofball, but I've finally settled on mine.

1. Laughter
2. Violation
3. PS I dungeon
4. Silent Zone
5. PS III dungeon

And for the games:

1. PS I
2. PS II
3. PS IV

I found it really tough to decide between I and II.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, '11, 10:22 pm 
What I have in Itunes (in no particular order)

Phantasy Star Generation 2 Rise or Fall
Phantasy Star II Death Place
Phantasy Star IV Laughter
Phantasy Star IV Meet Them Head On
Phantasy Star III Lowering Town
Phantasy Star Generation 1 Dungeon
Phantasy Star III Dark Force
Phantasy Star II Rise or Fall
Phantasy Star Generation 2 Pleasure Stream
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Nostalgia in Solitude Part 2
Phantasy Star III Wings of Evil
Phantasy Star Generation 1 Vehicle

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 6:17 pm 
Very interesting Topic !
I will have to listen a little more at the CD of the original soundtrack ! Because I can't make a list so important without a good listening and make choices.

But I can tell my vision o the best to "worst" soundtrack of the 4 PS from the "first generation game (I'll not speak about the other ones, even if I have played a lot (many hours !! Too many...^^) of PSO and a little bit of PSU.
1.Phantasy Star 3
2.Phantasy Star 1
3.Phantasy Star 4
4.Phantasy Star 2

@ KALOES : Speaking about those CD's from the 20th anniversary/Birthday, I checked the music of the title theme and the title is no more than...title ! :)
A bit disappointing...maybe a more developped title would have been more enthusiastic but...maybe from other sources can we find another name for this one ? Or maybe title is the only and definitive name.

And Finally I, too, agree with aug4th on PSII's music : not really bad but not really good...but some very good ones ! (cf my ranking).

PS : a bit "surprised" by the ranking of PS3 in certain lists ! But everybody got different likings so... ;)

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