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PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 7:12 pm 
how would you guys feel about it? i can probably assume that most of you guys would support a film, but how would you make it/split it up? All games are so long, so a lot of details would be cut.

Oh and, cartoon/anime film or live action?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 8:05 pm 
Live action? Urgh not really. Cartoon/Anime? Yes. But a movie? It will be way too crammed, and won't tell a very good enjoyable story (see Final Fantasy movies). Instead, why not making a cartoon/anime series. Like said in an other topics, I would really see Phantasy Star II as a series. There's only 4-5 major key point in the entire game. There could be a lot of filler episodes between these key points (but serious filler of course) developping each of the 8 characters personality. And ultimately, when they will arrive in front of the Earthmen for their final battle, we would care even more about their mysterious fate and if they managed to survive.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 8:13 pm 
There's only one PS game worthy of being made into a movie, and that's PS2. Enough said.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 8:41 pm 
If they did a film series, or even a film at all I would just perfer a prequal to one of the games. Much like Namco did with Tales of Vesperia by making the game into a movie (Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike) which did very well in Japan and even stayed in movie theaters for awhile.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 9:16 pm 
PSI: Short anime series. The story's not too deep, but there's enough for a dozen or so episodes.

PSII: Live action movie, possibly more than one movie. I think that even though the story seems long, it could be condensed into one movie. It would also make a great mini-series.

PSIII: Soap opera. Duh. Or another anime series.

PSIV: Anime movie.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:20 am 
PSI - anime movie, possibly 2.

PSII - Anime (??? Seasons) with at least one movie

PSIII - Hard to say, though it could possibly do well as an anime, with of course various branches or sequels. Though it'd most likely fit better in a series of movies.

PSIV - I think this could do well as either as an anime with one or two seasons, or possibly a movie trilogy. Movie one being Motavia Arc, two being Dezolis Arc, and three being Protector Arc.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:25 am 
I'd prefer animation. Live action can be great if done well, but I'd be afraid that the characters would be changed too much in an effort to inject realistic aspects to the series.

I think PSI is the only game really short enough to make into a single movie. It could be a good adventure flick, focusing on Alis' quest. A few things like the governor, Hapsby, and Luveno would be mostly cut out of it. Or perhaps just reworked to tie them more closely into Myau, Odin, and Lutz's appearances. I could see Dr. Mad, Medusa, and Lassic all being great as the villains.

The later games would have to be a series to do justice to all their major characters. PSII could be reduced to two, maybe three movies, with some tweaking. We don't need to see all four dams or Dezo dungeons in a movie, for instance. If it was just one movie, Rolf and Nei would probably be the only people with any character development. I'd rather have them fleshed out a little more. The first movie could end with the Palma scene, for a nice cliffhanger.

PSIII... ugh, yeah, that's better off as a soap opera, really. Sadly it would probably focus only on the Rhys-Ayn-Sean path. Unless they make more than one series/season, there would have to be some convoluted alternate dimension stuff to get all the characters to appear.

PSIV has way too much going on for one movie. Maybe if there was only one Dark Force, that could possibly work. I think it would be better as a series, though. Each episode could focus on one part of the adventure and cover all the major fights with great action scenes.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:46 am 
I wouldn't make it a film at all! I'd make it an OVA or something. The thought of live action Phantasy Star makes me cringe. Phantasy Star II would probably be good as an anime adaptation. Don't know what voice actors I'd get to do the characters though.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 10:50 am 
Yeah, PS2 is really the only one I can see as a movie (though by today's standards, even it would be clichéd). PS1 might make a good anime series.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 10:53 am 
Lyla2284 wrote:There's only one PS game worthy of being made into a movie, and that's PS2. Enough said.

agreed, i have to say that PS2 is the best game by far and it has more in depth storyline compared to the others. But I wouldn't want it to be turned into a bad film like what happened to the final fantasy series. besides, i'm surprised that they haven't made any of the games into a series actually. I think they missed a trick, (and money) there.

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