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 Post subject: Fan Games
PostPosted: Wed May 9, '07, 12:18 pm 
Does anyone know of any good PS fan games? It's been a long time since I looked around for any, but there used to be some interesting looking projects out there.

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Wed May 16, '07, 8:50 pm 
None of them interested me, other than that PSIII remake that was in progress. Looks as if it's discontinued, though.

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Thu May 17, '07, 9:22 pm 
I think all the fan games have been dropped by now. There was one called Dark Millennium that looked interesting, and I think even had a few demos. But, it fell into obscurity, too.

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 12:10 am 
I may as well post the link to my PSIV patch here:

It really is pretty hard. It's really for people that don't mind going to high levels, but in the recent updates, (in fact, yesterday,) I added some new abilities to almost all the characters, and the omitted techniques and weapons to spice it up for all players, (that's how I found this site!) The early returns I've gotten are very favorable.

I've got a few more updates in mind too. Right now, I'm tweaking the combos so that some of the neglected characters like Gryz and Demi can contribute some more. It's amazing how much hacking will actually work in this game! I just made a Firestorm combo that uses Flare instead of Foi or Flaeli, and another with St. Fire. I even had a Destruct combo that used Nasar instead of Deban to up the damage some more. I'm shocked all these changes don't crash the game!

If everyone doesn't mind, I'll post here when I update the patches... I can think of six more things I'd like to tweak as it is!

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 2:04 am 
I guess the program code of the game is pretty stable. They must have really known what they were doing back then. :up:

Sure, keep let us know when you update your patches. I definitely look forward to seeing what else you come up with. :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 12:57 am 
I finished the Combo attack update, which might be my last due to an unforeseen obstacle. First, the changes:

- Flare followed by Deban (Wren or Demi/Rika) is a new Firestorm combination. St Fire and Nazan are also a new Firestorm combination. Rune’s Flaeli + Zan and Rune’s Flaeli + Gizan are no longer valid Firestorm combinations.

- Nawat and Deban (Hahn or Rune/Rika) is a new Blizzard combination. Nawat + Rune’s Hewn is no longer a valid Blizzard combination.

- Burstroc and Sweeping (Wren/Gryz) is a new Shooting Star combination. (Weird, huh? But Gryz needed something added!) Burstroc + Foi is no longer a valid Shooting Star combination.

- Nafoi, Nawat, and Nathu (Alys, Rune, Gryz, Kyra/Hahn, Rune/Chaz) are the new Triblaster combination. Foi, Wat, Tsu is no longer the valid Triblaster combination.

- Spark plus Negatis (Wren or Demi/Rune) is a new Black Hole combination. Gra + Negatis is no longer a valid Black Hole combination.

- All forms of the Destruct combination must now start with NaSar (Rika, Raja) but can be followed by Megid, Legeon, and Positron Bolt in any order. Deban will no longer work in this combo.

I may end up changing a couple of them. Removing Deban from Destruct is raising some criticism, but NaSar ups the damage to max out at 999 even on my Hell Mode Bosses. I may change it back and give Raja Deban for Rimpa so he still gets in on the fun. I'm also thinking of changing Shooting Star back to normal and putting Gryz in on Silent Wave instead of Chaz. What do you all think?

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 1:05 am 
Ugh. Long post! The obstacle I mentioned above is this: despite altering everything about a Tech, Skill, or Combo attack, the fundamental property of it remains the same. I was trying to make Diem do damage, but even when I change that flag it still instantly kills. I tried changing the property of it and making it a healing spell, and it just killed whomever I used it on! It is the same with everything.

I think it might be linked to the graphics. No matter what is changed, the animations remain the same. Fire still comes out of the character's hand when Foi becomes a healing spell, (which does damage.) I think the fundamental properties must be tied in with the animations.

The resources I've been using don't indicate anything about the graphics code, and I can't find anything suggestive. Does anyone here know anything about it?

It's a shame, because this halts all the other changes I wanted to make. I was going to remove Instant Death attacks and change all the then useless Death and Status Techs into a fourth tier of damaging ones, and alter some skills into some much needed ones, like a Water-based skill for starters.

Well, I'll keep on looking. Hopefully I'll come across something!

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 11:11 am 
I think there's a bug in that new patch. I tried it out, installed GENS since it was recommended, patched the ROM. Works fine but as soon as the first combat start it seems to freeze. The music continues, the creatures are animated but the controls are frozen, can't select anything in the combat menu.

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 6:27 pm 
Nice changes, those should really liven things up in the game. :) I think using Nasar for Destruct is good. The higher amount of damage should come in very handy against the stronger bosses. I don't have much preference on Shooting Star vs. Silent Wave for Gryz, but it's nice that he's getting to be in another combo.

I've never heard of the graphics being linked to the damage effects. I have read that everyone's skills are different (like, Rune and Kyra might both have Hewn, but there's separate Hewn for each of them in the code). I guess linking the graphics to the effects could be how they duplicated the same effects on some weapons.

 Post subject: Re: Fan Games
PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, '07, 12:03 am 
Fogeltje, did you patch it off the P-Star4.smd rom? When it's not an emulator compatabilty problem, the only other problem that has come up so far is a different rom.

My version works fine with it. That's an awfully strange bug. I'll fool around with it and see if I can replicate what happened to you.

Thoul, thanks for the input on the new Combos, though last night a new idea occurred to me and I changed Destruct around again since it seemed unfair to only allow one of the fifth characters, Raja, to participate in it. Here are the only valid Combos for it so that everyone has a way to join in:

Deban + Megid + Legeon + Positron Bolt, (this is the old way.)
Kyra's Tandle + Megid + Positron Bolt + Legeon
(Gryz) Corrosion + Legeon + Megid + Positron Bolt
Phonon + Legeon + Positron Bolt + Megid
Astral + Positron Bolt + Megid + Legeon
St. Fire + Positron Bolt + Legeon + Megid

The Deban one doesn't do as much damage, but all the others certainly do! I'm waiting on my host to post the new version 2.3 of the patch right now.

Oh, and you're right about different player Skills. There are 2 versions of things like Spark and Tandle. If the problem is graphical, hopefully I can figure something out.

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