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 Post subject: Ice Cube, yo
PostPosted: Sun Jun 5, '11, 3:31 am 
We look at rap today, and we see a bunch of nobodies (eg Souja Boy Tell Em, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross), but we look at the early 90's and before, and we see that rap produced some legendary people. The early 90's is one of my favorite periods of hip hop, and one rapper I am a big fan of is Ice Cube. Originally a member of the controversial group N.W.A, Cube left the group a year after their first album came out and released his solo debut "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" in early 1990. Initially, the album was trashed by critics for its explicit content, but throughout the years, critics have called it one of the best rap albums of all time. But my favorite album of his is 1992's "The Predator". This album has Check Yo Self, Wicked, It Was A Good Day, and a non-single track I love called "Who Got The Camera?". But there are also songs on his other albums that I like of course. Cube is also known for being a successful actor having starred in several films, including one of the funniest movies I ever saw:Friday. His 1993 album "Lethal Injection" features the track "Down For Whatever", which these days is mostly remembered for being used in the 1999 film "Office Space".

 Post subject: Re: Ice Cube, yo
PostPosted: Sun Jun 5, '11, 8:31 pm 
I must admit I'm not much a fan of some types of Rap music, but I have seen some that I enjoyed and that seemed to have a good message with it also. I think I'm more familiar with Ice Cube's acting career than his music. He's a good actor.

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