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PostPosted: Mon Apr 3, '17, 5:55 am 
I have not previously committed my story idea to paper as I didn't think there would be many people interested in reading it plus I could not really do anything with it like for example make a mod of a total conversion with it.

The following is just a draft and could in the future be revised or expanded.

Set roughly four or five hundred years after Phantasy Star 1

- The player assumes the role of a young upcoming agent, similar to Eusis, working for the Palman government as a problem solver.
The game would start on board the space station/space habitat that serves as the residence of the workers/technicians who work on the nearby power satellite.

- At the start of the story an incident takes place in space- there is an explosion on the power satellite, specifically at the area where engineers are working on expanding the satellite's power transmission abilities.

- The player is called in by his/her superior for an important assignment. The Palman government suspects that the explosion on the power satellite was the result of a terrorist by a group called the Motavian Independence Front.

- The Motavian Independence Front is a terrorist group originating from Motavia that wants Motavia to be made independent from Palma and become its own state, and they are willing to commit acts of violence against the government and civilians to make this happen.

- At the same time the explosion on the power satellite occurred there was also an attack on a R&D facility on Palma where the power satellite was designed. The attackers are still at the complex and the player is send to assist the military in apprehending them and investigating what these terrorists were doing here.

- Once at the facility the player numerous terrorists (and perhaps reprogrammed robots and bio monsters) while clearing out the floors of the building.
Deep within the building the player eventually comes across a communication room were the leader(s) of the attack group is busy transmitting files that he/she has taken from the building's computer archives.
When the player confronts the leader(s), a boss monster is summoned to fight the player and prevent him/her from interfering with the transmission.

- The player defeats the monster but is unable to prevent the data from being sent. The terrorist leader(s) also manage to escape.

- Back on the space colony or government building the player is berated for allowing the terrorists from stealing sensitive information (the player is not told what this information exactly was) and their leaders to escape.

- The player is then send to the planet Motavia, a former desert world that is in the process of being transformed into a second Palma. The Palmans rely on Motavia for various raw materials that are mined here, and in the future Motavia will also become a food producing world.

There is currently a lot of unrest going on on Motavia.
Other than the of Palman descended settlers who want Motavia to become an independent world/nation, there is also a lot of conflict between the Palmans and the native Motavians who are treated as secondary citizens on their own world.
Many of their tribes have been driven of their ancestral home grounds and put in reservations, and the terraforming of Motavia has been destructive to their way of life.
Now the Motavians have formed their own resistance group that is fighting both Palman settlers and the Palman government forces.

- The player finds few friendly people here willing to help him or her to look further into the Motavian Independence Front. For many settlers the Front people are heroes.
A number of people and Motavian companies and corporations are aiding the front with money and other resources such as weapons.

- The player would also become somehow involved in the conflict between the Motavians and Palmans, perhaps having to help innocent Motavians when they are targeted by government forces on the suspicion of harboring resistance members.

- Also some reflections on Phantasy Star 1, learning more about Alis and perhaps visiting the site where the old governor's palace used to be that is currently being restored and turned into a museum.

- The player would eventually learn that the Front has a secret base on one of Motavia's three moons and heads towards it with his or her party.

- Once at the main spaceport on the moon the player explores the surface in a specially designed landrover while searching for the terrorist base.

- When the player has found the base and has infiltrated it he/she discovers a massive assembly hangar or launch silo where the terrorists are building a copy of the power satellite.
In one of the base's computer rooms the player learns that the information the terrorists stole were design schematics of the power satellite. But these files also include new schematics for the section of the existing satellite that was being expanded.

- One of the player's companions with be a technician and he/she would be able to understand what the additions to the power satellite really include.
The new machinery include addition power generators, long range sensors, targeting computers, power focusers and amplifiers, these additions would do more than be able to generate a long range power beam.

The technician mentions that the technology seems to resemble the main cannons on the Palman space navy capital ships but several hundred times larger. The beam the satellite would be capable of firing would be a thousand times more powerful than any space cannon, and with the added targeting capability be able to hit any target within the Palman system.
With the increased energy output of the satellite this device could potentially destroy a planet.

- At the same time that the player infiltrating the terrorist base the Motavian Independence Front has a meeting with representatives of the Dezorian government which has maintained neutrality in the conflict between the Palman government and the front.
The terrorist leaders hope to convince the Dezorians to join their side and they want to use their own power satellite as a tool of negotiation. (perhaps offering energy to the settlements and industry on Dezoris)

- Following this all from the computer room the player realizes that the Front leaders are holding back information that they are equipping their own power satellite with the same weapon the Palman engineers were adding to the existing satellite.
The Front has more intentions than just making Motavia an independent world. With their own power satellite they hope to change the balance of power within the Algo system and make Motavia the new capital world and forcing Palma and Dezoris to submit their rule.

- The player decides to crash into the meeting and expose the Front's subterfuge to the Dezorians. At the same time other members of the player's party are to sabotage the construction of the second power satellite.
They do so by launching the satellite into space before it is finished and it is quickly discovered by patrolling Palman navy ships.

- With their plans exposed to create a new order in the Algo system and the majority of their forces including their leaders arrested by the Palman navy the Motavian Independence Front is effectively defeated.

- At this part of the story the player would somehow learn from the Dezorians that one of their major corporations on Dezoris is also manufacturing components that go into the design of the power satellite weapon.
This sends the player and the party to Dezoris where the player has to find out who the contractor behind the order for the components is.

- Around this point it would also have to be revealed that the Motavian Independence Front was also working together with the space pirate clans that have been troubling interplanetary traffic for centuries now.
The pirates helped the Front with the attack on the power satellite and the theft of the plans.

- On Dezoris the player would have to follow a trail of clues, perhaps once again becoming involved in local politics and problems (no idea for these yet) and eventually end up at the corporation manufacturing plant were the weapon components are being made.

- Here the player would find out the identity of the third party who has been manipulating events; the space pirate clans.
Their ship managed to leave Dezoris before the player and the Dezorian space navy can stop them.

- At this point I may throw in that the Palman power satellite is now fully functional and that the Palman government is planning to fire on Motavia to force the rebellious population to surrender.
They also want to demonstrate their new power to everyone else in the Algo system to show what happens to those who militarily oppose the Palman government.

- The player would have to infiltrate the power satellite and prevent its main weapon from being fired.

- Anyway the player now has to pursue the space pirates and try to find their secret base.
This would take the player throughout the Algo system, allowing him/her and their party to visit all the worlds, their moons, and the various colonies and space fortresses. The player would learn even more about Algo, its people, the current political climate, and of course do more side quests.

- Eventually the player learns where the pirates are operating from and once there makes a major discovery; the space pirates have been building a spaceship/space colony similar to Alisa III/Neo Palm or a prototype for it based on schematics the pirates have stolen from Palma or the Academy.

The colony serves as a home to the pirates and their families as well as a port from which their launch their raiding mission.
But instead of a central dome there is another copy of the power satellite in the middle of the colony and this one is also equipped with a fully functional version of the weapon.

- The player infiltrates the pirate colony and eventually confronts the leader of the pirates.
While talking to him or her he/she would reveal that the pirates manipulated the political tensions between Palma, Motavia, and Dezoris to aid the people all three governments/worlds are forgetting; the people who live and work in space.
The pirate leader feels that the space born have been to much exploited by the planet bound despite that they made the prosperity and progress of the Algo system possible. Now he/she wants to make the people in space the ruling class of the system.

With their power satellite the pirates will be able to shoot down any ship throughout the system, making interplanetary travel and trade only possible on their terms.

- Perhaps a battle with the pirate leader follows, but at some point the pirates' power satellite becomes active and targets one of the planets in the Algo system. Readings on one of the station's computers indicates that the weapon is charging up for planet destroying potential.

The pirates are not behind this, someone else has hijacked the power satellite and using it for their own goals.

- The player and their party travel into the core of the pirate colony and during this come across room beneath the governor's palace of Phantasy Star 1 that has been meticulously reconstructed from the pieces taken from the excavation on Motavia.

Either at the main control room of the main reactor the player confronts the true masterminds and manipulators of the events taking place in the Algo system; Priests of the Church of Dark Falz.
They organized this all to resurrect the Dark Falz of Phantasy Star 1.
But in order to do so they need to destroy a planet with life on it as Dark Falz feeds on destruction and death on a large scale.

- The player fights the priests who are perhaps aided by a partly resurrected Dark Falz, and eventually even the entity itself.
(I am thinking of a sub plot in which the Followers of Dark Falz send the pirate colony's robots, biomonsters, or magical creatures against the civilian population on the station to kill as much people as possible. The more death and destruction the more powerful the resurrected Dark Falz becomes. This might be another reason why the player and their party infiltrates the power satellite; in order to put an end to the slaughter)

- The final boss fight occurs and the player defeats the Followers of Dark Falz and Dark Falz itself.
Afterwards perhaps the pirate colony is destroyed or it is surrounded by Palman space navy ships, forcing the pirates to surrender.

In the epilogue the player discusses with his/her party members the events of their adventures but also the fact that so many governments and organizations sought to manipulate common people for their own goals, being willing to commit crimes and start wars.
And then there are the Followers of Dark Falz. (the player would have it from a reliable source that he/she would never be able to stop them, even if he/she dedicated the rest of their life to this goal)

This all does not sit well with the player, it laying heavy on their mind, and the player has decided to leave the service of the Palman government and quit his/her job as an agent. He/she has signed up as a colonist for one of the deep space colony ships that is about to be launched, it will be a one way trip and the player and the other party members will probably never see each other again.
Some of the party members may decide to join the player and seek out a new world, free of the manipulation of ambitious leaders and the influence of cults such as the Followers of Dark Falz.

- Goodbyes are done to those party members who have decided to stay and continue the fight after which credits follow.

- There is a final end scene that takes place at the government building at Camineet.
Several people have met up in a conference room, they are all hiding in the shadows, all we can see are their outlines.

They are talking about the events that took place in the last couple of weeks such as the original attack on the power satellite, the exposure and defeat of the Motavian Independence Front, the defeat of the space pirates, the failed resurrection of Dark Falz, and other developments the player had a role in.

Some of the present people mention that the people of Algo will now be more aware of actions that are taken against them and that it will become more difficult to gain absolute rule of the Algo system, but the leader of the group says that they should now worry.
Already a new plan is in progress that will ensure their victory, a project called Mother Brain.

- One side storyline I am thinking of is that the player has a mentor who is a senior agent. The senior agent would perhaps lead or assist the player in the beginning, perhaps being an early party member.
Eventually the senior agent leaves the player on his/her own.

Then later on the player might encounter the senior agent again but this time having to fight him or her, perhaps in the control room of the Palman power satellite when it is about to fire or Motavia.

- It would be nice to do also something on Dezoris that could tie into Phantasy Star Adventure, perhaps visiting Baron Laboratories which would play a more important role in PSA.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 3, '17, 1:14 pm 
:o Wah ! What a huge text in those two posts ! I need to study it more carefully if you don't mind ! See you in some days but congratulations for your impressive work ! :clap:

PostPosted: Tue Apr 4, '17, 1:53 am 
Ooh boy, looking at this I can not help but start thinking how I would rewrite parts of the story to make the end location (pirate colony) and end goal (defeating the priests of Dark Falz + partly resurrected Dark Falz) less obvious. Rather instead sending the player + party across the Algo system on a series of somewhat different quest goals but which all add to the main plot.

Perhaps I should also make the presence of the Followers of Dark Falz (think I going to drop the "church of" part) a little more felt throughout the story rather than just having them pop up at the end.

Still it is not that I want to bluntly copy the quest progression of PS4, going from dealing with some creatures in a university basement, Seed, Zio, Lashiec, Rykoss, to stopping the Profound Darkness, but right now all of this may be a bit too linear.

The initial design document of Phantasy Star 2 comes to mind in which the player would have been on a variety of quests before arriving at the end goal, I rather liked that approach and it has been a source of inspiration for me.

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