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 Post subject: I'm gonna be on MTV!!!
PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 4:15 am 
When I was at NYAF earlier today, I got filmed for a station promo for a local TV channel, and I was interviewed by people from MTV who said they're either going to show it on television or their website. I don't remember which one. Plus I got to meet Corinne "Trixie" Orr, and I also bought The Little Mermaid for the NES (that was a really good game!) and a copy of Great White's Twice Shy album on vinyl (yes, there was a place selling records at the con!). And I'd say I was quite the talk of the party! I think at least a hundred people were taking my picture!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 5:57 am 
Well, it sounds like you were really popular. Were you dressed up as a character? If you ever find out how that promo is aired, let us know so maybe we can all see it. :)

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