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PostPosted: Sat Apr 4, '20, 4:37 pm 
Thank you all for your sympathies. I really do appreciate it. :) As kind of expected though, my health insurance that I had through the company will only last until the 30th. So I've been looking everywhere to replace it until the layoff ends. But it's not looking good. Everywhere I look, health insurance is more expensive than my unemployment could pay for. And Medicaid which is supposed to be free for those who either have no job, or those who make too little is now costing about as much as I could pay when I was employed. :( *sigh* I'll get through this, and I pray that everyone else does too.

Although, at least one good thing comes out of this confinment: Spikey Wikey is wondering why I've been home with him for all this time. :-D

EDIT: Oh yeah, I've been busy doing yardwork and housework I wouldn't normally have time for. I was in my backyard cutting down dead branches off of our dying Cottonwood trees. And I had to stand at the top of a ladder to reach them. Mom was at the bottom holding it steady for me. So I cut down one stubborn branch, it swings, and it knocks the ladder about 2 inches up top to one side. :-D Mom didn't see it, but she felt it. It gave us both quite a scare. I said outloud, "Okay, that's good enough for me", and slowly came back down. XD On the plus side, there's much less to cut down later. But I'm not doing anymore work like that until I can save up enough money for a powered pole saw. XD

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 4, '20, 8:01 pm 
Hang in there, Prince Noah. With any luck, more aid will kick in at some point on a large scale, with so many in a pinch.

PostPosted: Fri May 15, '20, 3:16 pm 
Thanks Wolf Bird. :) I am getting some help.

I'm still very much worried about the spreading of the virus, though. A state supreme court shot down a 'stay at home' order, ignoring the dangers of the virus, and far too many people are celebrating it. They refuse to believe that this virus is a dangerous killer, and extremely contagious. They knowingly ignore the facts that are right in front of their eyes, and they counter it with unconvincing arguments. They are endangering everybody's lives. That really worries me. :(

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