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PostPosted: Thu Aug 7, '14, 12:20 am 
Okay this is a long story, and it might get boring, so I'm warning you now. I'm probably going to get bored typing it honestly.

Anyway, I'm currently in the process of migrating my 5 Yahoo email accounts over to accounts. This includes all of my online accounts, contacts etc...

I'm down to my final account, and it's my Xbox Live/Windows Live account. I've changed the email address on my Live account several times before, so I didn't think it was going to be a problem, but boy was I wrong. I have quite a few games and DLCs that I've purchased through Xbox Live, so making sure that I still have access to them when I change the account over is important to me.

This all started when I tried to change my Yahoo email address that's associated with my Xbox Live account to one of my new Outlook accounts on the Live Account website, and I was not getting the confirmation emails from Microsoft so I could verify the change. Since I had several Yahoo email address associated with the account in the past, I figured that they were sending them to an old email address of mine. The thing is that they don't show you what email address they are sending the confirmation emails to, it just shows you an abbreviation of it.

I called Xbox Live support and they said that this was indeed the case. I had to make a request to get the old Security information changed on my account. I put the request through on the Live website, and I was informed that it takes 30 days to approve the Security information wipe. This will wipe out all of my old, non longer valid, information, but I have to wait 30 days for it to go through for security purposes. It also puts my account in a temporary state where I can't change anything on it, but I can still use it until it gets approved.

30 days seems kind of extreme to me. Throughout this whole migration process I've moved over dozens of online accounts, and none of them made me do this. I appreciate the added security on the account, but this is a big inconvenience especially since I'm getting so close to completing all of this.

I called support again the following day to verify that I did everything right, and I was told that my games and purchases will transfer to my new account, but the money I have in my Xbox Live wallet does not transfer over.

Now I'm one of those people that keeps money in my online gaming accounts for a "rainy day", so over the years I've managed to amass $233 in my Xbox Live account that I have not spent. So basically I was told by Xbox Live support that I have to zero out my account by the time my Security information gets reset, so I can then transfer my account without any problems. There is no way around this either, if I try to transfer the account with a balance it will error out and not let me do it since it's an automated process.

I then asked the Xbox Live support person how I spend the last bit of money on my account if I can't zero it out exactly. I was told that I would have to add a credit card to my account, and split the purchase with the card so that it will zero out my account and still let the purchase go through. Really?

I was told that I can call back in and get the credit card removed from my account after the transaction goes through, but what's the point. It seems that Microsoft has increased the security on their Live accounts, and after having to go through all of this, I think I would trust them with my information more than anyone. Seriously.

So that's where I sit with my final account that I need to migrate. I have to wait for the Security information to be reset, input my new security information, and I have to zero out my Xbox Live account so I can make the transfer to the new account when it is completed.

It's my own fault for no longer having my old email address information, but these restrictions were never on the account before, and I was able to change it before. So the new security policies they put into place kind of trapped me and are forcing me to do this to get a resolution.

This should also tell you how determined I am to get away from Yahoo and no longer have any open accounts with them. I could easily leave my Yahoo account open that is associated with my Xbox Live account, and not have to deal with any of this, but I will not. Not when I've come this far.

I apologize to anyone who had to read my drivel.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 7, '14, 12:39 am 
That is totally absurd that they can move over everything except a balance, and take 30 days to do it. That's absurd. You'd think they could do it a bit faster and have an easier way to make sure your money isn't just lost into a giant sink.


PostPosted: Thu Aug 7, '14, 2:19 am 
I keep my one yahoo account open as a spam collector and for other stuff I don't want to trouble the other email accounts with.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 7, '14, 5:08 pm 
That's why I have multiple email accounts Rylen, they all serve a different purpose, and I too have one setup as a throw away account.

The good news is I've already been able to spend quite a bit of the money in my account. I already have a long list of games I'm wanting to get, but it just takes time to buy and download the games.

Oh well at least I will get a bunch of new games out of the deal.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 8, '14, 1:18 pm 
Have had several customers in a similar predicament at work as of late, some of them didn't migrate a single account though. The new security policies require you have a secondary e-mail address tethered to your account and when you attempt to tehter it will lock you out of the Outlook account and inform you that they've sent a security code to... the Outlook e-mail account that they just locked you out of. There is no way around the thirty-day reset sadly.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 8, '14, 11:13 pm 
Well I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has had problems recently. Do you work for Microsoft support Tweeg?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, '14, 1:36 am 
Well I'm done buying stuff, and my account is now at $0. Here is what I got for my money:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Charlie Murder
DeathSmiles 2X
Far Cry Classic
Galaga Legions
Galaga Legions DX
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit + All DLC
Moon Diver + All DLC
Ninja Gaiden Black
Radiant Silvergun
RayStorm HD
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD
Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World
Sega Vintage Collection: Toejam and Earl
Shank 2
Trouble Witches Neo + all DLC

My money disappeared much faster than I thought it would haha.

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