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PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 10:23 pm 
Today I went to a boardwalk away from where I live, and this place has the BEST arcade I ever saw in this day and age! It's PERFECT for any old school retro gamer to go to such as myself! Off the top of my head, these are the games I remember being there:

Root Beer Tapper (also known as just Tapper for places that are more adult oriented)
Mr. Do
Mr Do's Castle (Why is he called Mr. Do anyway? Does he have sex with a bunch of girls? *, I crack myself up sometimes)
Punch-Out!! (Yes! The original arcade version! I kid you not! And I had fun playing the actual machine and not playing it on MAME for a chance, but it was still just as hard)
Space Invaders
Space Invaders Deluxe
Spy Hunter
Super Sprint
One of the "Cruisin'" games, I don't remember which one

And two Ultracade machines, which have a bunch of old games by companies like Capcom, Taito, Midway, Jaleco, Toaplan, and a couple of others.

There was also some pinball machines there, and they didn't just have High Speed (one of the best pinball games of all time), they also had a Pin Bot there too! Pin Bot's of the same legendary status as High Speed I say. Wouldn't you agree? There was also posters for a bunch of 80's movies all over the place (well two of them were from the late 70's, which were Star Wars and Animal House). When I played Spy Hunter, I heard the Peter Gunn Theme, and I couldn't stop looking over to the Blues Brothers poster in the arcade while I was hearing it, because that's where I've heard the Peter Gunn Theme the most. They were also playing a bunch of 80's music in it, but it was just like the same 10 songs over and over again in a looped playlist. But I felt a great nostalgic feeling over me while I was there playing the games. I must've felt what it was like to be a teenager and be at an arcade during the 80's, which is considered the golden age of arcade games by many people. Yeah, it was a blast. But add more variety in the darn music though! Not just the same 10 songs over and over again! Geez!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 11:20 pm 
That sounds like a place I could spend an entire day. :lol: There aren't many arcades with a great selection of older games like that left. Most of the ones still around, at least those I've seen, tend to stock newer games.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 11:55 pm 
I wish I had an arcade like that near me. I live near 2 arcades, a Gameworks and a more traditional one called Arcade Legacy, which has a few old arcades plus lotsa fighting games. It also sells video game OSTs and Japanese games. I ended up buying a Japanese copy of Rockman Zero and the Sonic Heroes OST, too bad they didn't have the PS remakes though

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