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 Post subject: Hydrotherapy
PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 8:58 pm 
This seems to be a relatively new concept, but some animals are able to benefit from something called hydrotherapy. Essentially it's putting the animal into a pool, where a person holds them up as they swim around. Supposedly it helps strength the limbs and allows animals with walking problems to move around better on land.

Here's a recent story of a cat going through hydrotherapy: ... d_animals/
That's probably pretty rare; most cats I've seen tend to hate the idea of getting into that much water. Has anyone heard of this being used by someone you know?

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 Post subject: Re: Hyrdotherapy
PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, '10, 10:28 am 
Wow... that really is amazing. I'm a cat lover by nature, and that story just warmed my heart. Great find, Thoul.

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