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 Post subject: Hurricane Matthew
PostPosted: Tue Oct 4, '16, 7:14 pm 
Hurricane Matthew is heading toward parts of the USA. It is expected to impact some parts of Florida, Georgia, the Carolina's, and other areas along the coast. This seems to be a bad storm. Everyone keep informed and stay safe! ... /91515650/

 Post subject: Re: Hurricane Matthew
PostPosted: Wed Oct 5, '16, 4:10 pm 
It's already spent plenty of time devastating a good chunk of the Caribbean islands, as if they needed it. A major hurricane there is a big deal, even if it's also something of a fact of life if you live there.

I'm watching its track as it's not impossible to come this far north, though the latest track map shows it swinging out into the Atlantic before it gets far enough north to have any significant impact on New England. But until then, it looks like it may closely hug the coast and Florida and the Carolinas may have a rough ride. And of course, things can change.

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 Post subject: Re: Hurricane Matthew
PostPosted: Sat Oct 8, '16, 8:00 pm 
Heard this morning that Hurricane Matthew has now reached South Carolina! And it has now been downgraded to a category 1. Still a lot of stuff going on with this storm. From projections I saw yesterday, Matthew is supposed to head back out to sea in almost a circular pattern. Another Hurricane is already out that way and they may wind up close to each other. We'll see how it goes in the days ahead.

Hope everyone was safe from this storm. In our area we only saw a lot of wind and no rain so glad it did not reach us fully.

 Post subject: Re: Hurricane Matthew
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, '16, 6:54 pm 
When it came north and became a post-tropical cyclone, the rain stretched up north enough to hit Massachusetts. So we got a lot of rain yesterday, and a bit of wind, but honestly, the rain is welcome. We need it. I bet yesterday put at least a small dent in our drought, as it was a moderate steady rain that last at least a day.

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