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PostPosted: Sun Jan 6, '08, 1:41 am
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Chapter One

I Failed to Protect You

"Journal of Alys Brangwin, Entry #38"
Its been a few years since I've written anything in this log. The last time was when I found him all alone in that backwater town. I am writting this log in hopes to never forget that dreadful year not so long ago. The year I lost him. The year my life would be changed forever. It all began when..."

"What! Why can't we hurt him?!" I thought to myself. My comrades were exhausted from our previous battle with one of Zio's underlings. I lunged my slasher once again, it pierced through his body as if he was a ghost. He looked at us with that sinister smirk on his face. Within an instant his body vanished, reappearing in front of me. I looked up at him, his blood red eyes filled with hatred for all humanity. He raised his hand, with one powerful swipe he struck me in the face, sending me flying across the room behind my comrades. "Alys!" Chaz yelled, on his knees trying to keep his balance with his sword.

Looking up I noticed Zio slowly approaching us once again. His hands began glowing with a black aura, he was snickering I could tell. His hand extended, palm faced flat. Chaz began standing to his feet. I noticed he was in no condition to fight anymore, his legs were shaking, he was barely able to keep his balance. It all happened so fast. Within a matter of seconds the aura that was glowing on Zio's hand formed into a beam that shot across the room, striking Chaz in the chest. "AGGG!! Chaz yelled out as he was thrown across the room, only a few inches away from me.

"Chaz.. No.." I mumbled as I crawled towards him. Zio looking down at us, he knew our defeat was just moments away. Inching my way towards Chaz still I placed my arm around his body, a dark aura could be seen consuming the wound in his chest. "This.. this is bad.." Hahn said. It was silent, but from behind I could hear a small musical tune. I continued to hold onto Chaz as my body began to feel light. Closing my eyes briefly the sound of Zio's laughter was changed to the sound of the wind blowing in the desert fields of Motavia.

Opening my eyes I looked up, noticing Zio's castle on the horizon. We were saved, someone had used a escapipe to bring us to safety just outside of Mile. "It's no use. Not even Gires can heal this wound." Rika said, Chaz clutched in her arms. Standing to my feet I walked my way to her. Kneeling down Rika placed Chaz on my back, his arms wrapped around my neck as I placed my hands underneath both his legs to keep him from falling. "We should get far away from here. Zio might find us if we don't move." I suggested.

Everyone agreed, and we began walking into the desert searching for a town. "We can't go to Piata, or Zema. They're to close to Zio's fort." Gryz said. His words were true, Piata and Zema had already been hit by Zio once. If he wanted he could find us and Chaz was in no condition for another battle with him. Hahn ran to the front of the group, turning around he was walking backwards. "We should head to Krup then. Zio hasn't made it that far yet, and maybe Saya will be able to help." Hahn said. It gave me a slight amount of hope as we passed by Zema.

Krup was a few hours away, and Chaz's condition continued to worsen by the minute. The trip was dangerous enough, the surrounding areas were infested with infant worms. If we did one thing to anger them then we would be attacked by the mother of all worms. The sandworm. We walked fast, but also using caution, finally reaching the outskirts of Molcum, another town Zio had destroyed a few days ago. I could see the sadness in Gryz's eyes as we passed by his hometown. He looked on, trying to be brave for all of us.

"Don't worry Chaz, everythings going to be alright." I said. The sun began setting in the sky, and we were still a hour away from Krup. We had passed the worms usual grounds so I took a deep breath and began running. "Hey! Wait up!" Everyone yelled as they began running behind me. Finally after a long run we approached the gate of Krup. "Alys, you get Chaz to the inn. I'll go get Saya and meet you there." Hahn said, he ran off through the streets of Krup towards Sayas home. Quickly I ran towards the inn, kicking in the door of the inn when we arrived.

"Whats the meaning of this?!" The innkeeper yelled, he slammed his hands on the counter. "Listen we have no time. We need a room fast!" I yelled out. The innkeeper was still mad, but he then noticed that I was carrying Chaz, the wound on his body had become worse. Within minutes we rushed Chaz to a empty room, taking off his armor and placing him in the bed. The innkeeper dragged me out of the room, and made me pay for the room and the door.

Handing him the meseta I walked back into the room afterwards. Chaz was gripping his chest in pain. It was hard for me to see him like this. "Rika, Demi lets go to our room." Gryz whispered to the two. They nodded their heads and left the room leaving me and Chaz alone. I knelt down over him and wrapped my arms around his body, trying to keep him safe. "I'm sorry Chaz.. I'm so so sorry." I said as I began to weep. "I'll find a way to save you.." I said making that promise to Chaz.

Chapter One End
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