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Chapter Four
One of them was the Principal. An older man, he was still in good physical shape, and had apparently been frantically rummaging through his desk drawers. A pile of meseta and various weaponry littered the desk surface.

The other person was none other than the actual mascot himself, out-of-costume, naturally. He was only supposed to be a junior at the Academy, but Isahn could tell by the steely look in his eyes that he was at least in his mid-twenties. The coincidence that he looked younger did nothing to hide the fact that he could be very dangerous. The two hired hands, Ken and Gary, had admitted that he used special abilities that were not techniques; telemental abilities. The Principal couldn't have chosen a better bodyguard...

"Ah...umm... did you catch the crook?" the Principal asked feebly, attempting a friendly smile.

"Shut up. Your little 'friends' admitted everything. Next time, you might want to make sure you're paying them enough that they stay loyal," Isahn said with a smirk. He had his wand out and was ready to strike. The way the teen just stood there, as if expecting all of this, was highly unnerving, however.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about!" The Principal seemed outraged.
Rich began playing back some of the "conversation" he had with the kid while Isahn had him up against the wall. The Principal seemed to turn three shades paler, and the look on his face became quite grim.

"It's standard hunter protocol these days. Not only do our earpieces allow communication, they record everything we say or that is said to us. It's supposed to be for quality control, to make sure hunters aren't abusing their privileges. The recordings are reviewed after every mission. However, I'd bet anything the Gaming Commission would be far more interested," Isahn wanted to laugh triumphantly, but the damn telemental just kept staring at the two hunters, his face unreadable.

The Principal turned and nodded to his "bodyguard" before suddenly leaping under his desk. Isahn raised his hand for a disarming Mind Blast, but before he could even shout the words, the man had him.

"Efess!" The telemental yelled, and a blast of light erupted all around Rich. He was thrown back against the wall, and he could feel his clothes and armor burning from the holy blast. The fact that his armor was based on dark energy was surely a weakness in this instance...

"Death Spell!" Rich screamed, and a blast of darkness shot from his hand, arcing towards his enemy. However, the attack faded as it approached, meaning his opponent had some kind of special telemental force field up. Perhaps that was why he was so cocky...

"Legeon!" This time, Isahn tried to shield himself with his cybernetic hands, but it wasn't enough. The wall of the Principal's office behind him was utterly destroyed, and Rich went flying backwards, slamming into some corner of the hallway beyond. Tasting blood in his mouth, Rich staggered, and tried to right himself. Good. The exchange of telemental skills would hopefully give Typhus the opening he needed to strike.

And if not, Isahn had another weapon....
Typhus saw Richard was in trouble from the blood going out of his mouth.When Typhus had his chance to attack,he didn't,he knew the telemental would expect it so he waited until the scholar saw him and then Typhus took a step towards him.

With his CRMC-SWORD ready, he charged towards the young adult and some rage dwelling up inside of him.Typhus then jumped and yelled,"RAYBLADE."His blade made a perfect slice at the scholar but he somehow missed for reasons unknown.
Now Typhus Cole was furious,that was the first time he ever missed an attack.His ear was twitching,his face was red,and he was looking for a solution to defeating this scholar,fast.Typhus looked over the telemental's shoulder and noticed the principal was making a quick get-a-way.Typhus looked over his shoulder seeing Richard with a glare in his eye which told Typhus that Rich had a plan.

So Typhus ran around the scholar causing him to turn his back on Richard.Typhus had started running towards the principal when the telemental yelled "Tandle."A lightning bolt came out of nowhere causing Typhus to go flying back into a wall.He then felt a very sharp pain in his lower left leg.Typhus had broken his leg but knew his mission wasn't over so he yelled "Hewn," and it hit the principal but not the telemental.Typhus had then looked at his leg and passed out.

Rich witnessed the carnage, growing increasingly mad that this telemental was merely flinging them about like rag dolls with his powers. As Isahn slowely rose to his feet, he noticed Typhus took care of the Principal, knocking the man prone with Hewn. So, Typhus could use some telemental abilities as well... the kid was full of surprises. Still, he had been knocked unconcious by the enemy, whom Richard had guessed was at least part Esper, perhaps more. What he couldn't fathom is why he was here, working for this corrupt Principal. Unfortunately, he would probably never find out the complete truth.

The man turned around to face Rich, after dealing with Typus. Richard Isahn stared his opponent in the eye. He had a surprise coming that this telemental would never expect. Closing his eyes, Richard searched his soul for the rage, hatred, and bloodlust he knew lurked deep in the depths of his soul... the memory of Dark Force, that he carried with him for reasons he still didn't fully understand. Latching onto that memory, he let it consume him. Images of ripping apart innocent civilians with his bare hands came to mind, and he embraced them.

Laughing maniacally, eyes gleaming with dark power, Isahn now appraised his pathetic enemy with complete disdain. He calmly raised both hands and smiled triumphantly.

"BLACK WAVE!" he screamed, as pure hatred shot forth like lightning, spearing straight through the pitiful defenses of the telemental. The man gasped as unabated darkness penetrated his soul, utterly destroying it. Lifeless, his opponent fell to the ground, a look of shocked awe still on his face.

As the evil left his body, Rich staggered, bent double and vomited. Ack! He hated using that power.... it always left him feeling so drained, empty, and very cold. The thoughts that he had while filled with dark energy... they made him sick. Since there was no longer an actual Dark Force or Profound Darkness to feed dark energy to him, he had to provide it himself... and it was a good thing, too. That way, the power limited itself, preventing it from consuming him... at least so far. The first time he used Black Wave, it had turned his hair from a sky blue color to midnight black. He fervently hoped there would be no further mutations.

Fighting back the urge to cry from despair, Richard approached his partner and used a NaRes technique to heal his broken leg. It was the least he could do after Typhus provided the needed distraction, and stopped the Principal from escaping. Typhus awoke, and slowly stood up.

Richard filled his fellow hunter in on what happened, and even though he tried, he could not keep the shame out of his voice. Rich didn't know why he was cursed with the ability to use dark powers, but he was, and it was not a pleasant topic to have to discuss, or even think about.

"Well, enough about that," Rich said, gladly changing the subject to more pressing matters, "the Principal's coming around. I think it's time we contacted the Motavian Gaming Commission and show them what we've discovered. Somehow, I doubt the Principal's going to pay us for the job, however. By the way, how much meseta was in that kid's wallet you stole, Typhus? You owe me a beer, remember?" Isahn attempted a smile, but it just wasn't in him. A drink sounded good, however...

With the Principal in plasmaring handcuffs, they both strode out of the wrecked office. Isahn threw one more glance at the dead telemental and shuddered. Never again, he told himself. Of course, he'd thought that before...

Typhus and Richard went back to Aiedo,they went straight to the bar and celebrated."Now my fellow Hunter's,a new chapter begins"

Richard Isahn - isahn80
Typhus Cole - Trenzer (Me ^_^)
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