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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 11:16 pm
This is actually from an RP me and isahn80 did on Gamefaqs. I will break this down into shorter chapters. It did continue however I don't know what happened after that. So enjoy what is here and have fun reading this adventure.

Chapter One
"I have to wear WHAT?" Richard Isahn blanched, then turned to look askew at his smaller companion, hoping this made him uncomfortable.

"Yes, I know, it's the mascot suit," replied Typhus Cole, his current partner for this latest "mission" the Hunter's Guild had posted, "but it could always be worse."
"What's worse than having to dress up as a Dezolis Penguin? There's a reason the Dezolians don't let them into their houses, you know," Rich pointed out with a hint of consternation.

"But you're the only one that'll fit into it," Cole said. Although outwardly Typhus Cole resembled a numan, Rich knew that he was really something else entirely. That still didn't mean he had any less experience as a Hunter, or was any less deadly with his ceramic blade, however. Deciding to listen to Cole, and to reason, Rich acquiesced.
"Fine!" Rich sighed, "So what are you going to be doing?"

"I'll be a new rookie for the home team, so that I can back you up." Cole was referring, of course, to the techball team of the Motavian Academy, who were one game away from winning the Ashley trophy for the first time in recorded history. Techball, as the uninspired name suggested, required six players from each team to maneuver a ball of pure energy into the opposing team's goal using nothing but various techniques. Although intentionally targeting another player with a harmful technique was strictly against the rules, it still happened enough (on purpose or not) to ensure the game had a huge following across Motavia and even a little on Dezolis.

"So what's the intel?" Isahn idly checked his cybernetic forearms again to make sure he had remembered to refill the Burst Rocket ammunition. He had.
"Somebody's threatened the current mascot, a junior here at the Academy, with death if he shows up for the game. The Principal thinks that someone with a lot of meseta riding on the other team wants to make sure they get their money's worth from this championship." Cole had his arms folded and a relaxed expression on his face. At least he didn't have to wear the dumb suit.

"I know, and this idiotic Penguin is 'essential' to the Academy team," Isahn spat as he recalled footage of past games this season. Every time the Penguin would dance around and do it's mascot routine, the Academy team seemed to do a lot better. Hmmm... he wondered if it was morale alone that was helping them all along...

They could both hear the roar of the assembled crowd in the University Arena not far away. The game would be starting soon. Supposedly, other hunters could show up to lend assistance, as this was still an open mission, but Rich wasn't banking on it.
"Alright, let's get this over with," Isahn grumbled as he pulled on the suit. At least it was temperature regulated on the inside. Peeking out of the decently-sized eyeholes, Isahn laughed on the inside. This dumb crook will never knew what hit him...

"Hey you look good, for a change," Cole chuckled, "and more importantly, exactly the same as the real mascot."

"Good enough for me," Isahn turned and waddled down the hallway. Any thoughts of feeling stupid were washed away by the comforting images of ripping the crook's throat out when he got the chance...

Typhus was following Richard down the hall seeing the end of the hallway,he asks Richard, "Why did you join the Hunter's Guild anyway?

Isahn tried to turn his head to appraise the fellow hunter, but the dumb suit wouldn't allow it. He figured it was harmless to explain himself.

"How did I join the Hunter's Guild? That's an interesting story... " he trailed off, trying to concentrate on both speaking and not tripping in the awkward Penguin suit.
"It all started once I awoke at the hospital in Krup. Something had happened to me, and I don't remember anything about it or anything before it occurred," he sighed, and continued, "the doc explained that my arms, part of my chest musculature and my left leg had been melted off, probably by a zealot of the Great Light with a flamer. It sounded reasonable, but I think there was more to it than that."

"That's how I ended up with my cybernetics. It would've taken too long to clone my missing body parts, and I was impatient. Anyway, after I was discharged, I didn't know where to go or what to do. I wandered the streets of Krup, until I took a turn down a wrong alley. Three fanatics jumped me, claiming I was a heretic or some such crap. I think it was just an excuse to rob me, even though I told them I had no money. I fought back, using my bare hands, and a technique or two, and I killed all three of them. A hunter, who had happened to be assigned to assassinate those very three fanatics, witnessed this. He said I had potential and asked if I would join the Guild. Having nothing better to do, I said yes."

"Ah. We're nearing the Arena. It's almost time..." Rich forced himself to calm down, as very shortly someone would try to kill him, thinking he was just the mascot. Unless they used a particle cannon on him or something of that nature, there was a good chance he'd survive. Besides...he had other weapons in his arsenal now...

"Okay, Typhus, here's my plan: Before the criminal attacks, I'm going to be distracted doing the moronic Mascot routine to be believable. Try to watch and see if you can spot anyone suspicious. When the crook makes his move, I'm going to rip this suit off and do my best to destroy him. However, I'd bet you a thousand meseta he's not working alone. I'll need your backup at that point. As you know, we can communicate through these earpieces, so let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary."

"What do you think, Cole?"

"Sounds good, but please don't call me Cole, call me Typhus. I'll try to stay near you if I can," Typhus replied.

As they neared the end of the hallway, Typhus' pager went off, he quickly read what it said then told Richard, "We have a new recruit at the Hunter's Guild, anyway, let's get this job done then get back home, if this mission is successful, I'll treat you to a cold drink of Palm's ice cold beer."

They had finally made their way down the hallway where they met the team, as Richard went to the field Typhus joined the team and went to the field also.

While Richard did the Mascot dance, Typhus played techball and scored three points for the Piata Penguins, then it became half time.

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