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 Post subject: Hunter kills Albino deer
PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, '14, 6:57 am 
For some reason this story just really makes me sad. A very young hunter has recently made a once in a lifetime kill. His prey was a rare Albino (white) deer. ... /17652845/

I know people love to hunt deer and this is the deer hunting season and I have no problem with those who must hunt and kill for the sake of having food on their table, etc. I even have members of my own family who love deer hunting or used to anyway before it got so ridiculously expensive to go hunting and before the deer population in our area seemed to deplete. I have even accompanied a family member on a deer hunting trip once before, however, the group of deer we saw was so beautiful that no way would I allow them to harm a hair on their head, so that was the last deer hunting trip for me, lol, and thank goodness for that!!

Anyway, I guess the point I am trying to make here is that this story makes me so sad because this was an exceptional and unusual case...a rare white deer!! Why kill such a rare beautiful animal? Although to me all deer are beautiful animals. Why not try to save it and let it live either in the wild or perhaps somewhere in some animal habitat, a zoo, or some such place? From reading the story it seems that the deer was the object of many hunters looking for it and would probably have wound up this way at some point and time no matter who killed it. Just sad that such a rare animal could not have been saved somehow. :( :cry:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, '14, 11:11 pm 
Just like you, if an animal is killed for needed food (not luxury food, like turtle eggs, that is different), I am okay with that. Just like the animals, we do have to eat.

But killing and torturing animals for entertainment or so-called (by the killers) "sport" is just awful. People who want to keep doing it try to make it seem okay by saying it is "culture" or "art". Well, I always think about some of the very complex serial killer cases, some of which could actually be seen as "art" by the same logic, but that does not make it okay.

Others say those animals were born just for that, and that is equally stupid. Some kids are born into slavery. They are born specifically to be slaves. That does not make it okay. And the same goes for animals.

Other say that I eat animals, so it is okay that they get entertainment by torturing animals. But I see food and entertainment as needs in a totally different level. We cannot impose our entertainment needs on anyone else, worse yet if we need to kill or torture them just for our fun.

I live in Aguascalientes, one of Mexico's most bull-fighting oriented states. So I have met a lot of people who get shocked if anyone dares to say bull-fighting is torture and brings needless to the animals. Some even say the bulls do not actually feel all those things done to them...

Let's just say I do not get sad when a matador gets hurt by a bull (and then everyone rushes in to save him, when no one rushes in to save the animal), or when some stupid hunters end up killing themselves...

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, '14, 2:38 am 
I completely agree with both of you. I feel hypocritical for being compassionate for animals and not being vegetarian, but there does seem to be something wrong to me with killing other living things for the fun of it. It just seems kind of inhuman to me.

But yeah, this story touched me on a lot of levels. It's kind of sad to me to think that this deer somehow survived a debilitating mutation, a trait that would have made it much more vulnerable in many ways in the wild, and probably evaded a host of natural predators only to be killed by some kid with a bow. There's some sort of cosmic irony in that.

Also, this really reminds me of the Welsh story of the deer hunted by the spectral white hounds of Annwn. Albino animals are really neat. I remember seeing a story about an albino alligator on Animal Planet a few years back, amazing animal, it's gotta be really tough to be ten feet long and bright white and still be an efficient stealth predator.

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