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PostPosted: Mon Aug 1, '11, 10:08 pm 
Hey guys, not sure if you're aware or not but you can purchase 5 games valued at around 50$ for whatever you want to pay at . It is mostly for charity purposes but you can pay the devs as well. Notch even threw in Minecraft for free until August 14.

So what did I do? I bought myself 11 keys in total, donating a total of 20$. The key I bought for myself was 10$ and each other key I spent 1$. Just cause I'm buying a lot.

But wait Chris? You're saying there is only 4 free keys? Where are the other six going?

Well, one is going to Thoul for his hard work over the years, one is going to a certain someone, and the other five are going to players on my Minecraft server.

However, I'm not going to make it exactly easy for you guys! All you need to do is meet these requirements!
1. Your sworn loyalty and devotion which I need to make me the king of Fringes of Algo
1. Be a member of Fringes of Algo
2. Do something creative. Must be in by Sunday Aug 7, 2011. (Photograph, drawing, written work, MS Paint squiggly lines, etc)
3. Do something for the environment (Or at least say you did >.>)
4. Declare your undying love for Atlinsmere

Erm... yes... moving on!

If you want to find out where you can buy this for yourself, head over to

PostPosted: Sun Aug 7, '11, 8:30 am 
Tomorrow's the last day. If anyone is participating than now is the chance. just link me to it or post in this topic. Otherwise on the 8th, I'll just toss up all the keys for grabs. =3

PostPosted: Mon Aug 8, '11, 8:13 pm 
And since their were no entries... Al four keys are up for grabs... First come first serve!

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