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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, '08, 1:41 pm 
Official website:

The game is gonna be released within the next 48 hours on the 2008-03-27...


Are there still any complete informations about its content?

Here are some infos I grabbed here and there:
Official Trailer:

Quote:Do you really think that they'll just port so tiny (in meaning of space) games on DVD disc!?

To be honest, PSG1 and PSG2 weren't even on DVD's. The ISOs were 69mb and ~100mb respectively (I have two copies of each that are legitimate, purchased at the time of release, but I play from a backup copy usually to preserve them) and they came on CD's.

The remakes were made by Ages, one of Sega's development houses. Ages was planning a PSIV remake, but has apparently dropped those plans. Another company, Conspiracy, was supposed to translate them, but lost the rights to it.

To expand on this, "3D Ages" was a joint venture between Sega and D3. Phantasy Star Generation: 1 was their first release and Phantasy Star II and IV were announced originally as being the 8th and 9th games to be released respectively. As time went on, however, PSII and PSIV were seemingly pushed further and further back. Meanwhile, Conspiracy Games optioned the games for North America and Europe, but had PSG1 rejected by SCEA due to its nature as a 2D remake. Conspiracy Games were told that they could resubmit all three games as a collection, which was tentatively named the "Phantasy Star Trilogy" and set on calendars for a TBD release.

Well, PSG2 didn't come out until March of 2005, which was roughly 17 months after PSG1. In that timeframe, Conspiracy Games had filed for bankruptcy and Sega had reclaimed the rights for North American and European release of the Sega Ages games. The result of this was the "Sega Classics Collection," which sold poorly.

In addition, 3D Ages was apparently dissolved around the time of Vol. 16 (Virtua Fighter 2) being released. All games from that point under the Sega Ages label were labeled as "Sega" games, and it would seem that all projects that have originated since that time are ports and not actual remakes.

Shame too, since PSG1 was decent and PSG2 was great IMHO. Oh well..

BTW, long time no see Jeremy ;p


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 12:07 am 
That looks awesome, we can only dream that it will come to the US.

Let me try to clean-up what the Google translation is saying:
Quote: The original "Hiragana message" response, III, "adding that the number of saves" in addition to the current game play is familiar and comfortable but people can enjoy the game in the balance "IJIPUREI" feature and "move fast play "features such as convenient choice.

PSIII is fixed to have more save slots and faster walking speed. From the screenshot it looks like they added adjustable difficultly, wonder if that's the case for all the games?

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 12:18 am 
I hadn't seen that video yet. Thanks for posting that and reminding us that this collection is coming out. I didn't realize it was coming so soon.

Here's another page about the collection:
And the translation: ... en&ie=UTF8

The translation of it says:
Quote:The "Game Library" had been delivered Phantasy Star II, the text adventure fantasy scenario, all recorded 8. Moreover, I to IV are all valuable and overseas edition also contains a message in English and once played the game play is fresh.

(Vol.1,Vol.17 generation 2) (In Vol.1, Vol.17 released as a remake of the film version of the two generation, the film is not included)

So that means the collection does include the US version of PSI, II, III, and IV. But, Generation 1 and 2, the Game Gear games, and translations for the text adventures are out.

This page's translation also has a list of the extra options, like difficulty, that are available and which games they work with. It sounds like there are save states, with four normal save slots for PSIII.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 12:23 am 
Oh, and when checking out that site, be sure to click the fourth orange bar near the top. They've got some nice wallpapers from the series.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 1:07 am 
Quote:So that means the collection does include the US version of PSI, II, III, and IV.

Good for them to have the US translation (they certainly will have a new game experience).
If only they had done a retranslation by themselves I would buy the DVD immediately (even if the text adventures were not translated)... this could have been the last opportunity to see PSIII and IV retranslated. Since they added those other versions I think they should have included the PS1 Deluxe Edition too (Anyway they choose Maia)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 2:14 am 
We also learn here that they are releasing a soundtrack CD the same day with the original musics and rare bonuses:

track list:

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 2:19 am 
Just wondering, do any of the difficulty options make the games harder?

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 2:32 am 
I don't think so. The only difficulty options mentioned on the sites above are Normal, Easy, and Very Easy.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 4:55 pm 
Wait... So does it or does it not have PSG1/2

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, '08, 5:27 pm 
We will probably learn that tomorrow.

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