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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 10:19 pm 
Here's your chance to be as outlandish as you want; this thread is for fun. Please don't take it too seriously! I was inspired by RW's Sari thread to make my own theory, but I don't want to derail RW's thread.

Go ahead, make up a crazy theory about any of the games!

Here's a far-fetched, "As the Ship Turns"-esque theory:

What if Lena is also Thea's biological mother? Dun dun DUNNNN! Hey, it could happen! We don't know who Thea's mother is (right? Has this been mentioned outside the game?), we do know that Lena is missing in the second generation, as is Thea's mother, so perhaps Lyle and Lena have bonded out of disappointment in the Rhys/Maia pairing, or, well, for any number of reasons. Lyle can get around easily because he's a dragon knight, so maybe he visits Lena often, or at least enough times to get Lena pregnant (poor, fertile Lena). Around this time, however, is when Lena's health declines, which puts her pregnancy at risk, weakens Thea, and she dies shortly after Thea is born... something like that.

Lena never reveals (again) who the biological father is, but the people of Satera are spooked because they've seen a dragon visiting Lena. They begin to believe that she was impregnated by a demon (the dragon), and this is why her pregnancy was the apparent cause of her death. The child is abandoned as evil.

Lyle rescues his daughter and takes her back to his kingdom. No one questions why he suddenly has offspring, but his people already regard him as wild and unpredictable, so they're not really surprised, either. Lyle never mentions to Thea or anyone else who Thea's mother is, either because he fears for her safety (she's already quite weak), is worried about the scandal it might cause between kingdoms, or simply because everyone on the Alisa III loves a good secret. :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 10:40 pm 
Well the only crazy theory I have right now is that Lyle is related to Lutz :yikes:

Well that or he's an ancestor to Rune..

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 12:04 am 
Great topic, and awesome theory, Tanith; you strike up some great points! There are varying possibilities for Rhys, so why not for Lena, as well?

I think this theory is incredibly probable. However, the only problem to this that I can think of, is that Thea is pretty weak if she is half Orakian. Sari is clearly 100 percent Orakian. So, my question is, how strong is Thea concerning magic? Does it seem that she is 100 percent Layan?

Other interesting theories I've read about is that Ryan from PSIII is also a dragon knight, and is the one who got his eye scratched out (you can see a scratch mark underneath his sunglasses). I read something in the "Thea Theories" (from another PS site) that Ryan is the dragon knight who rescues Thea during Nial's quest. Before you say, huh!? Looky ... thea1.html

Some arguments I've read on other PS sites concern "Noah's" true gender; there are phans who actually think Noah is female, and is a different person than Lutz. (To which I say, "Bah!") Read here: ... gender.asp

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 12:05 am 
My theory is that when Nial is prince, Thea doesn't exist. Ryan is in her place having been the son of Maia and Lyle. Therefore in English ps 3 when a soldier claims he wounded a dragon in the eye, it was Ryan rescuing his mother Maia. Then that is how Ryan has the Twins Ruby which is the heirloom of Lyle's family.

Thus everything can be killed in Aquatica in Nial's time.

Let's see.. here we go.. wild theory...

Rune (5th Lutz) is the father of KYRA! :D

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 12:50 am 
Rick wrote:Rune (5th Lutz) is the father of KYRA! :D

I have a similar crazy theory that Kyra is a descendant of ROLF!! :D (It's the blue hair and the impulsiveness. I haven't really worked out how Rolf survives the Noah incident, but he does, gosh darnit! NOBODY FROM ROLF'S PARTY DIES, YA HEAR? :wink: )

I also have a theory that someone knew Grantz aboard Noah (possibly Lutz taught it to Amy), and that as Rolf was blowing Noah to smithereens with Megido, Grantz was used to rescue all or some of the party. Further wackiness: Grantz was in its early stages and had never been used before. It went rather wrong but was partially successful, and sent some of the surviving party members to the Alisa III with the Nei weapons. The group was therefore partly responsible for holding back the Dark Force from completely destroying the ship (obviously I'm using the English time period here). Meanwhile, whoever used Grantz died or nearly died and the technique was deemed too risky for humans to learn. From that point on it was only taught to androids until the technique was refined enough to be used by living creatures again.

RW - Ryan as a dragon night? Now that is awesome! And Noah a girl? Not buying it; totally agree with you. He's Lutz.

I've also heard that Tyler was supposed to be a descendant of Odin. As I am a huge fan of the big, brawny guys in PS, that gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

I mentioned in another thread about having a theory about the domed Palman escape ships, but I'll save that for another post.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 1:01 am 
I have a theory that all the dragons became extinct because they were present in PSI nearly everywhere and PSII on Dezolis. PSIII had Serpents or Wyrms I think which are similar creatures but by the time PSIV came about no dragons existed. I like to think that the destruction of Palma caused their extinction but it doesn’t help the fact that the ones on Dezolis just vanished. :?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 1:03 am 
I hadn't thought about the disappearance of dragons before, Lucas. Now I wonder what happened to them, too. Hmm...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 1:11 am 
Tanith wrote:What if Lena is also Thea's biological mother?

Not if brown hair is a dominant trait and green hair is a recessive trait :lol: Seriously though, I've subscribed to the belief that Lune ultimately rescued Thea in the Nial timeline making her the mother of "princess" Kara.

One crackpot theory I've been playing around with is Lutz being one of the humans from the spaceship Noah. It involves the idea that the ship had been watching Algo since just before the original Phantasy Star. They sent him down to gather information about the society. He used the name "Noah" because none of the humans had their own identity on the ship.

He eventually met Tarzimal who taught him magic. After traveling with Alis he began to sympathize with the people of Algo. He knew they planned to use Dark Force in 1,000 years (and maybe were involved in PS1 behind the scenes) and had himself frozen until then. Something about taking on a new name along the way too.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 1:44 am 
From PS G 1

Quote:But slowly, over time, things began to change. It started with a new religion which was rumored to have come from another galaxy. The dark priests of this religion, never seen by any mortal, promised immortality to all who joined. You would live forever!
King Lassic was getting old. The idea of living forever appealed to him so he became the first to join.
Then, he ... changed. It started with the threatening suit of armor the priests made for him. The armor looked evil and corrpt, and that's how Lassic began to rule his people. Outrageous taxes became a burden on everyone. Business on all three planets shut down and entire towns fell into decay. There was no way for the people to make any money.
As time passed and the people suffered, horible creatures and monsters began to stalk all three worlds. When the dead came back to life, the people feared the worst and guessed the truth. Through black magic, Lassic had become an evil tyrant.

Now tell me that those priests don't remind you of Earthmen who wear similar armor to Lashiec and Zio and.. who aren't even seen...

It makes me believe even more than ZIo is a surviving Earthman because of his affinity to Dark Force and.. he does the same thing the earthmen did.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, '10, 5:44 am 
Hugues - It is interesting that in PSIII your character always gets Mom's hair color. I don't know if that means Thea's mother had green hair or if it was different for Lyle, being a dragon-knight and all.

Rick - I do think there's something up with all the evil capes/cloaks/what-have-you in the games. They all look similar, though they're kind of typical Japanese bad guy wear for that era.

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