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PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '10, 7:00 am 
In Rika's case, it could be a bodysuit as opposed to a leotard. Technically they are the same thing but there is a cut scene with Rika with the armor plate off of her chest.

She seems to be in a teddy/bodysuit.

That picture in particular is her minus the chestplate.

Really females are more quick and speedy than males to begin with some biologists say. Certain swordmasters throughout time wore non bulky armor..

In fact, I don't really think armor helped at all. It was easily penetrated, people attacked unarmored parts.. Arrows penetrated it.. Internal bleeding from dents and impact.. That and alot of midevil knights had heart attacks because of heavy armor..

Is full armor even worth it? Nei was fine with a leotard.. Rika coulda been too.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '10, 7:02 pm 
I think maybe I'd do a halter neck leotard for the numans. That way it keeps their legs and arms freed up, but addresses the improbability of Nei's gravity-defying, strapless leotard. Of course, that would mean that Nei would essentially look like Psylocke from the X-Men, but I can't imagine a single male out there would complain about that. ;)

Rika's leotard is more practical, so I can't say I'd really change that much (I would, however, lower the hem so that it's not French-cut. That's very dated these days). Though, like Thoul mentioned, her cold-weather/hunter outfit in the Compendium is actually a nice design.

Another question: I've always found the slashers/slicers improbable weapons (albeit really cool), and can't imagine being able to catch a bladed weapon. How would you address that? Are Alys's gloves, for instance, designed to withstand catching slicers? And if so, why don't the characters have armor made entirely from that same material? ;) I've seen some fan designs where they aren't holding the weapons directly. Anyway, what would you do?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '10, 7:15 pm 
I certainly would NOT be against a Rika/Mieu type dressed as Psylocke. No sir.

With regards to the whole slicer/slasher bit, if you made one end somewhat blunt, a highly-trained user could probably get the hang of catching it on the right end. But then, you'd probably have to get some awesome spin on it to get maximum slicing effect, so yeah.

Perhaps these two clips may give some insight into such a weapon (or not):

PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '10, 8:32 pm 
I've seen some fan designs for slicers which were rather improbable, particularly in art on Japanese sites. A few have the blade attached to a handheld launcher, firing it sort of like a gun. That might work in the advanced tech of PSII, but for the other games, it's rather silly to think the technology to create that would still exist.

I would say most slicer users wear gloves with extra padding to dull the impact of the blades. It would be kind of like Aika from Skies of Arcadia, who has a slicer-like weapon and wears a massive glove on her throwing/catching hand. The gloves wouldn't have to be that big, but would be reinforced in some way. A full set of armor like that would be expensive and heavy. It would also be impractical in Motavia's heat during PSIV. Wearing it would give someone heat stroke, if they could even afford it.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 2:01 am 
They could also be radio controlled.. She sets a series of points with a IR beam, the blade flies out and goes along that path then back to her hand.

Or it could be a laser rail system where the blade travels along the light path and back to her hand.

Sort of like the TADS system on a Apache can target when the target is laced from the ground.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 7:18 am 
Those are interesting ideas. But again, they're very technologically advanced. I can't see that existing in PSIV, when technology is at a low point. The fabrication for something like that would be pretty complex. Anna's weapons could use something like that, but Alys' would have to be simpler in design.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 9:23 am 
I never really had a problem with Alys' design. In fact, she has one of the best character designs in the series. It's practical, offers her protection from all elements ( I don't think heatstroke would really affect the Hunter, having lived on Motavia for all her life ) and she still manages to look good. Not to mention, she wears very little armour. Though it would have been more practical if her hair was tied back like Sari's. Her hair is pretty long.

Alys only wears shoulder and knee armour. It's a wonder she's PS4's fastest character, not being weighed down with unnecessary weights. ^^ And her gloves are a bit bulky if you look at the Sega artwork. Makes you think if it's reinforced in some way.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 1:35 pm 
Well you wouldn't see me trying to catch what is essentially a flying knife with my bare hands, so I dare say there's some sort of reinforcement there. She probably stole them from a blacksmith. :p

As for radio controlled slicers, no. For one it would be simpler just to fling them at the target as she does already and, as Thoul pointed out, PS IV is set in a technological dark age. That sort of thing doesn't exist.

So far the redesign ideas are good. Nei's gravity defying leotard has to go for sure. Just steer clear of any PS:G 2 similarities and it'll be fine. If I might add, giving Wren a couple of extra arms would be a good idea for a start. He needs more firepower dammit! :D

PostPosted: Tue Sep 7, '10, 7:57 pm 
Why not give her the outfit Nei (NM-1153) wears in the memorial Drama CD? Or the outfit Nm-2011 wears?

Some nice char images: ... %20p09.jpg

Chaz doesn't have that bulky a armor o.o ... %20p05.jpg ... %20p08.jpg

This shows a evolution of Nm-2011 outfit, Nei and Rika ... %20p04.jpg ... %20p06.jpg ... %20p09.jpg

I personally think Nm-2011 is THE CUTEST o.o She definitely has more in common with Rika than Nei.

Why can't we have a game with her ;.;

I'll say it again.. Nm-2011 is so cute.. She beats Rika 1000 times

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 6:15 am 
Ah, yes. The drama CD really has some nice artwork *swipes for new avatar*. (I don't, however, feel the same way about retconning the PSIV cast into the story. Blech.) The CD artwork probably has the best numan outfit designs. The straplessness of the leotards doesn't seem quite as improbable in these cases, since the numan women are basically poured into it them. I'd downplay the blatant sexuality of the costumes and do something about the excessive boots. Those boots don't quite jive with the supposed agility of numans. In fact, that's one of the few things I'd change about any of the PSIV characters. There are some really clunky boots going on in that game!

Moving on: I'm looking for some specific ideas now, for the two Karas. I'm crazy enough to be thinking of commissioning an illustrator, and I think the Karas are deserving of some makeovers. Any ideas? I'll share mine; let me know what you think. I want this to be less about me and more of a community project, so really, participation is welcome!

Warrior Kara- I'd like to get rid of her more 1990s "techno" elements, and maybe make her more of a sci-fi barbarian, if that makes sense. Sort of like Callisto from Xena: Warrior Princess, only in Kara's original color palette and with added sci-fi-ness.

Princess Kara- I actually have a base outfit in mind. It's the outfit in the upper left corner here: ... evere.html (ignore those other weird outfits, and by the way, dance costume sites are excellent resources for character concepts). I'm only talking about the dress here, not the hair. Ignore that part of the outfit. Also, imagine it in Kara's original color palette (blue, not her chartreuse walking sprite). I'd rework the sleeves so that they're a close fit rather than bell sleeves. I'd also add a throwing/catching glove for Kara, something that resembles a batting glove. She'd also wear boots instead of shoes. I think that this outfit gives off a princessy look while being reasonably ready for battle.

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