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PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 2:07 pm 
I'll come back later and answer my own question, but for now I want to know what you would do to modernize or improve any of the characters' appearances from any of the original games.

Now, I know there are a lot of die-hard fans out there that don't want to change the looks of the characters, but let's face it, some of them are pretty dated these days. Others were lacking to begin with. Put away your nostalgia for a moment and think about it as if you were doing remakes of the games. I think we, as fans, might be able to come up with better ideas than what was in the two generation remakes. :yes:


PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 2:39 pm 
i think Alys in PS1 could do with a little update, as her whole appearance looks slightly strange to me. apart from that, i can't really think of any others... unless it's just me.

I think it's just her clothes, maybe something which made her look a little older than twelve, and i'm sorry if that offends people... I don't mean too.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 3:32 pm 
I don't think you're offending anyone. Actually, if someone was offended by that then they probably need to get a reality check, but anyway...

I agree. Alis's outfit is a little frilly, topped off with the poofy coif and headband.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 3:57 pm 
I think Chaz needs a better hairstyle, to be perfectly honest. Something a little more spiky...or just a mullet (joke).

There should be a bit of differentiation between Mieu and Maia, preferrably in Maia. Maybe should could have shoulder-length cyan hair instead of the long, flowing hair that makes her almost indistinguishable from Mieu. Nial looks a bit bland, although I'm at a loss to say how he could be improved.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 5:30 pm 
Tanith wrote:I agree. Alis's outfit is a little frilly, topped off with the poofy coif and headband.

thank you! i really don't like the impression we get of her because of the outfit. I can imagine her to be strong, not frilly and Princess Peach like...

whereas with Chaz' hair, someone should draw him with a mullet just for a laugh.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 6:08 pm 
I wouldn't redesign them at all. It's un-necessary.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:07 pm 
Hehe, I'd keep Chaz's dumb hairstyle and sideburns just so I can laugh at him. Rika and Hahn need re-designs though. Kyra too. Rika's outfit is not practical at all, Hahn's is just dull (but he's a scholar, not a fashionista :D) and Kyra's outfit is far too formal.

And yes, Alisa does need a real re-design. Pink just doesn't sit right with a supposedly strong female lead.

Meiu and Nei as well. No leotards, please!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:15 pm 
Re-design Hahn? I love his design. It really does just make him look like the average guy. That's what I like about him.

I do agree about Rika, though. That outfit is totally impractical, at least on Dezolis. I suppose I can understand that she wouldn't want to be weighed down, but still.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 9:30 pm 
I'd put Rika in that winter gear in the Compendium. It may seem a little hot for Motavia, but everyone else did okay while being covered up.

I'd like Nei's outfit to look a little more armored. Definitely not frilly like in Generation 2. Maybe something similar for Rudo and Odin.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 11:52 pm 
But the leotards were one of the best things about Nei and Mieu! XD Unless you want them to have more bikini like costumes instead. XD Speaking of bikinis, I bet Shir would look smoking in one. Amy too for that matter. XD And I'd keep Chaz looking the same too for the same reasons as Lyla. XD Stinkin' Rolf rip off (design wise)!

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