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PostPosted: Fri Sep 3, '10, 4:25 am 
Here are some of the things I would change:

Odin and Rudo: Though they're often cited as being too similar and I agree to a certain extent, they have a couple of big differences. Odin is a slightly more armored Conan the Barbarian. Rudo is fully sci-fi. Still, for both of them I'd ditch any appearance of them looking like Ahnold or Dolph Lundgren. So anyway, I'll start with these two, since I think both are deserving of having their own "personalities" that are less tied to action hero actors of the late 1980s.

Odin- I actually wouldn't change his outfit too much. His Generation 1 reboot is pretty good, too, minus the giant anime hair. His barbarian look should remain (lots of leather and plated armor), but I'd actually like to see it completed by giving him longer hair. Maybe even have his hair in a braid. That might be cool.

Rudo- The hairstyle HAS to go. I'm not a fan of the original or the remake. I'm thinking something like a short military 'do with a gradual fade, like this: Nothing too extreme like the Marines' "high and tight." I think Rudo would still be fairly military in appearance and dress, since all that's ever stated about his termination of service is that it was after his family died. I don't think it's like he has a lot of animosity for the military; he didn't leave because he'd become a rogue or a cliched "bad good guy" or anything. Therefore, his outfit will still be neat and orderly, though for a remake I'd play down the white, plasticy armor of the original, since that does scream 1980s Star Wars sci-fi. I think I'd also get rid of the silver arm cuffs.

All right, I'll post more in a bit.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 3, '10, 5:22 am 
For me the first would have to be PSIII Wren I always imagined him being a lot larger and bulkier bodywise since a designer somewhere was a fan of the Transformer franchise and I think it would actually work quite well.

Next would be the Numans I can understand the being comfortable in less clothing as they were genetically engineered to be climate tolerant but that doesn't mean they should be swimsuit models. I would always imagine them in more single-suit style armour touched of with Torso/Limb plates to give that flexibility and protection.

Alis in my mind would be more a Sheild Maiden style keeping a warrior princess look while adding a bit of tech flair.

Demi/Freya I wouldn't change she just had that right look from the start :)

Hahn.... I really don't know what I would do with him as he was really not written very deeply more of just a sidenote to add a romance story to PSIV. Maybe if I could add to his story I would give a Tech/Punk flair using the scholar/blacksmith background using his knowledge to custom up some unique weapons and armour.

All of the Orakian style Princes need major overhauls they are very much rubber stamp of each other with different hair colour. Since the Orakians were the tech builders of their world as the generations moved on I would maybe add more tech flair removing the fantasy style armour and capes with some tech armour and guns.

I have too many Ideas to really put into a reasonable document without a lot of thought and lack the skills right now to portray them :(

PostPosted: Fri Sep 3, '10, 5:47 am 
I'd love to redesign Lashiec, make him a lot scarier. The blood red eyes, mouth full of fangs and also make his height stand out so he is quite intimidating to the other regular sized characters. I reckon after I was done with him he’d have the whole “I dare you to screw with me now!” attitude about him.

Also as much as Rika is an awesome character and I like her original clothes, I would like to see her in some more casual clothing, not fully dressed up like a lot of the characters such as Chaz or Alys though.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 1:04 am 
Good one, Lucas. I didn't even think of the bosses, but you're right. Some of them could do with makeovers, too. It would be nice to see some more casual clothing on the characters, too, wouldn't it?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 1:06 am 
Lucas, why don't we just make Lashiec Akuma, huh? :lol: Actually, something of that ilk would be fitting, wouldn't it?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 1:24 am 
Caged Wolf wrote:Lucas, why don't we just make Lashiec Akuma, huh? :lol: Actually, something of that ilk would be fitting, wouldn't it?

^ I like the sound of this. The Akuma of Algol :rofl:

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 9:17 am 
I still think redesigns are un-necessary. That's how certain games get screwed up when they're remade.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 10:24 am 
Alis: I think to tweak Alis, her overall look can be retained if it's just modernized a bit. I think a good example of what she could look like would be any of the Claymore women. Here's a fan art of Clare: ... ?offset=10 (I don't know why her hair is brown in this pic, though.) Just add the shield and change the colors to match the original and voila! Updated Alis! I think I would get rid of her headband, though, and maybe put her hair in a ponytail.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '10, 4:02 pm 
How about we just make Lashiec look like overlord Zenon from Disgaea 2? XD

Actually.. If you want a bulkier Siren, the PSO Book of Hunters has something interesting:

Quote:The 386Wren

The character called Searren is a battle robot who was introduced in Phantasy Star III: Successors [or Inheritors] of Time (Sega/Megadrive/released 4/21/1990/8700 yen). According to comments made by a member of Sonic Team, "This got drawn for me when I said, 'What if Searren appeared in PSO?'. We couldn't use him due to time constraints. It's a pity for it go to waste, so we'll publish it." Searren is a robot, borne of an ancient culture possessing extremely advanced science; as such, he differs from androids in that he lacks emotions. Programmed to obey orders only from Orakio's people, he assists the human heroes across all three generations.

Here is your bulky Wren: ... ei_386.gif

And here is a design of Wren/Siren from PS 3 done by NakNak. ... k_p028.jpg ... k_p061.jpg

Wren shoulda been designed like a Md GEist Fightech suit :d ... orPic1.jpg

Alis I would design like Eirika from Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones or like Lyndis from Fire Emblem.

I would redesign Anna like Titania or Astrid from Fire Emblem path of Radiance. That's only because counter hunters should be more armored than hunters.

Someone in Ps 3 would be dressed like this because.. that's a battle princess ya know ... aSmall.jpg

People mentioned Rika needed more armor? This might work! ... Minala.jpg


Well this one is more armored and less swimsuit modelish..

The only problem with designing female armor is that.. something will get emphasized or something else will :\ Happy mediums only exist in like Fire Emblem or Growlanser?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 6, '10, 4:38 am 
I don't really like Nak's version of Wren and Siren, but that first pic of Wren is interesting.

Question: For those that say the numans should be in something other than skimpy leotards, what do you think they should wear? Honestly, I think that's one of the only times skimpy clothes on female heroes doesn't bother me. I always assumed that they don't like wearing a lot of clothing to begin with (Nei's bio sort of suggests that), and that the leotard frees up their movements like a gymnast. I definitely think Rika's bulky armor and cape need to go, but maybe some lighter, more formfitting armor would work?

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