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 Post subject: How should PS3 be remade?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 4:23 pm 
I may be creating this post, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna take an interest on Phantasy Star 3, as I simply can't stand it (I'm sorry if I'm offending someone... :?).

It's just that a few ideas have striken my head that could be well used in a possible enhanced remake of PS3, if it ever were to exist (as my so wished PS4 Remake :cry:):
- I don't know if the story about that war in PS3 is well fleshed in the game, but if it isn't, they could do it;
- They should just pick on monsters of the past games (PS4 included) and add a few of the game's originals, at least a bit revamped, as they are all horrific;

And now, the big thing that striked my mind:
- In the ending where Alisa III is reaching a new planet, they could make it a very nice and definite reference to Ragol of PSO, maybe by showing in the ending's final moments the three symbols found on PSO;
- Dark Falz could also look a little like PSO's one, mixing elements from that one with elements from the classic ones (like having it's lower body part like the PSO's 1st Form, and the majority of the body like the classic ones).

So, what do you think of my thoughts and ideas?
Any comments? Any addicional ideas?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 4:50 pm 
-More dialog and backstory for everyone and everything in the game. Give the playable characters more personality, in particular the heroes and the love interrests. Give us actual reason to marry the girls other than "Well you have a portrait, so I guess it's a good reason to marry you". I also want deeper story for every worlds you're visiting (in particular Termina...for a last world, it sure feels like something you just stumble upon).

-Animate the ennemies, give them a less...ugly look, made us see our character back à la PSII-PSIV in batle

-And while keeping the ever-changing music in battle depending on the situation, please, include good tracks instead of crappy one

-Re-do the dungeon design, they looks so basic and boring

-Populate your towns, put a less generic look to the house "interior"...give a meaning to the second floor.

-Make 4 third generations more...distinct, with more distinct ending. I only feel like playing Nial quest path all over again for 2 of them, and for the other two, I feel like all I need to do is collect the weapons, and I'm already at Dark Force.

-And for third generations characters, I don't know if it'S only me, but please, respect the color of the character art on your sprites. The first and second generations sprites represent the art, but the third!!! I feel like it's "Welcome to the Green-Yellowish world". Since it's the last Generation, I would like to see more lively sprite that respect the actual color scheme of their character model.

Don't get me wrong, Phantasy Star III is my favorite Phantasy Star because it has the most potential to become the greatest game of the series. But it was a rushed and unfinished product. I'm not blind to that fact, and is surely the Phantasy Star that deserves the most a remake

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 7:25 pm 
In addition to things you guys have already mentioned, I'd like to see more significant changes in each town over time. Some of them are the same in Rhys' time as they are in Sean's. If each town had some changes in each generation, that would add a lot to the feeling of progress. Perhaps someone could be building a house (or starting a new town) in Rhys' adventure and we get to see it completed during the final generation. It could be influenced by things Nial or Ayn do, also.

It might help if there was more do in each dome, in terms of exploring the technological side of the ship. Going into the climate control place was nice, but there has to be other facilities the game didn't show us.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 8:36 pm 
MAN!!! I've checked towns and dungeons through the maps in PSCave, but... GOD!!!

All towns use the same tileset, seem devoid of people or house interiors...
The dungeons seem short and the enemies... Man, I had to check them again... :ill: The non-human, of course...
How could they design a Dark Falz that doesn't seem the least bit like all the others?

They really had to work really hard for this game to become a jewel...

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 8:39 pm 
The originality of the Dark Force design is a bit of a plus to me. I wouldn't mind seeing it have some stages in the battle, like the final PSIV boss, with one of those looking like a more traditional Falz. But I think the original look should be kept in to some respect.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 8:44 pm 
I actually know someone who is working on a PSIII game remake, but my lips are sealed. ;)

PSIII is a game with so many loopholes in that I think PSIII is the ideal Phantasy Star game to remake. As Xellos said, I'd like to see more dialogue, better graphics, more Phantasy Star references (mentioning of Alis and maybe even Mother Brain), better battle music, and especially more of a backstory for some of the characters (Lyle, Maia, and Ryan, for instance).

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 1:22 pm 
I'm seeing a bit of the game through Youtube... And my opinion of it doesn't change a bit...

Also, gotta make a repair on my remarks, since the towns are not so empty as I initially thought (my mistake), but are still as empty of furniture as I checked.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 1:44 pm 
They are indeed empty. I guess that to appreciate the game, you need to have a little bit of imagination and fill by yourself many of the void the game created. I know it's not a good thing, but I guess that by seeing what the game really should have been, that's how it became little by little my favorite PS game. And even as an incomplete game, it still has the best atmosphere (the whole mystery around our world, the sudden change from medieval to sci-fi without warning when going through a tunnel between the world for the first time or meeting a cyborg) and the best character design (IMHO, I love how all the hero looks so...epic) from any Phantasy Star to me...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 1:58 am 
Well . . . I'd like to see the story flushed out/mean more (especially in the 3rd Generations, the endings for the most part are the same), more character development, etc.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:52 am 
xrick wrote:I'm seeing a bit of the game through Youtube... And my opinion of it doesn't change a bit...
So... you want to know how the game could be improved but you haven't actually played it? You can't form a constructive opinion on the game just by watching someone else play it. :roll:

What it needs:
-better script
-longer script
-believable reasons to get married (agree with xellos)
-wife/mother portraits that actually age
-populated domes
-less story recycling between generations
-less backtracking (who else was tired of visiting that damn western cave in Ayn's quest?)
-more interesting castle designs
-more interesting town designs
-dungeons without red carpet (I know it's not carpet, but it looks like it)
-towns that match their climate
-Terminus dome should be scary as hell with unique monsters
-better monsters with better animations
-better boss design, especially Rulakir
-better battle system
-better tech system
-no inbreeding (justify it all you want, I'd rather it not exist in my RPGs)
-get rid of all the annoying bells in the music
-everyone gets their own sprite, or at least no ugly recolors
-add ryuka, hinas and telepipes

I would roll my eyes so hard they'd fall out of my head if a remake of this game tried to tie-in PSO. I have nothing against PSO, but we don't need to be retrofitting it into PSIII's story. CHEESY. Leave the story alone, just flesh it out and get rid of the plot holes.

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