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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 10:01 am 
I know I can't say a soul of how is PS3 without ever playing it, but I'm a lousy player and also I can't bring myself to play it in the state it is... I simply can't...

About the tie-in with PSO, I just thought of it as interesting, that's all.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 2:52 pm 
You still really should play. I don't know why you have made yourself an opinion like that without trying it just because of what "others" people have said. PSIII is still a great game in many many point. And FYI, I know you can't support grinding in a game like PSII. Well at least in PSIII, you barely need to grind, so you'll be able to blaze through it without any kind of problem.

-Some of the best music in the series
-Best character design IMHO
-Best plot twist in the series
-Coolest concept in the series with the generations system

Only for that, PSIII is worth a playthrough.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:31 pm 
It's not "others" opinion, it's my own...
Sorry to say but I've checked the game and to me it doesn't come close to the other Classics...

I could give my "true" opinion of the game, which is way worse that I've stated, but since there are people here who like it, no way in hell I'd say something about the game that would be insulting to them. :worried:

My reason to create this topic was to find ways to make this game rise into the other Classics' level (in my view), and make me truely interested into playing it.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:44 pm 
I'm sure many have said it to you but, only by watching videos, you can't have a real opinion on the game. Only by playing it more for at least a few hours (meaning passing at least the first generation) will we feel that your opinion have more credibility. I'm sorry to say. In a RPG, nothing is more boring than watching someone else play, so I don't think your opinion is valid without at least giving the game a chance, but that's only me...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:50 pm 
No, you're right. It's just that I really can't bring myself to play it. Sorry... :worried:
It doesn't matter if my opinion doesn't have much credibility as each one of us have it's own view on it...

Let's keep with the true point of this topic, as many creative and useful ideas are surfacing bit by bit.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 12:37 pm 
I think the problem with PS3 was not that it was released incomplete just because of a tight schedule. I think it was released incomplete because it was planned for a larger ROM and had to be cut. I think indications of that are houses with no people inside and caves not used.
If it was only a rushed development, most probably the houses and caves would not be in the map, but most probably the things developed to be there had to be removed to save space in the smaller ROM. Then, as the time has short, they didn't bother removing what would cost time and save no space in the ROM.
I may be wrong, but if what I believe is true, it would be nice if it was possible to recover what was scrapped during the development of the game (I know it is impossible) and then remake the game featuring the original things and plus some add-ons that today's tech allows.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 12:48 pm 
I believe so too...
If it were to be like that, maybe my overall opinion and interest in PSIII would change.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 4:40 pm 
Oh God....

I already knew that the remake's music was bad, real bad. But just now I looked at the character design from PS2's remake.

Please, Sega, don't touch my beautiful, precious PS3. And you can leave those terrible remakes in japan.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, '10, 9:19 am 
Hey! Not all the music is bad like the battle theme, which was improved (but "under" was actually simplified, that's the worst I've heard of 'em).

Yes the character visuals are bad BUT it only predates Gen1 by a little over a year I think. And that had good designs.

But please, if anything, the battle music should stay reminiscent; perhaps staying the same in a single battle if you get the initiative, you are surprised, or just regular conditions.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 1:17 pm 

I just had to read my way through this thread, as PSIII was my first venture into the PS Universe after buying my MD as none of the shops in my area had ever stocked RPGs. I was stunned to see a sequel to my beloved MS game on the shelf of the local game rental shop and I was the only person to have ever rented the game from there, I had the game rented so many times the shop keeper let me keep it :D.

So down to the remake looking back on all the hours I played the game (yes I played through all the possible story lines while spending all my pocket money on rental fees).

I totally agree that this game could be the epic it was meant to be, I agree with many of the changes suggested so far however I believe the dungeon design should be upgraded but kept in line with what is there as the suspended walkway effects are what always stand out in my mind. I think the history and back story of the world, wars and characters should definitely be fleshed out. Also more could be done with the fact there are other world ships near by maybe a new story could be done with one of them.

As to PSO tie in it is an intriguing idea but doesn't feel right, when I finally got to PSIV and the crashed world ship in my mind I always had an image that DF had placed the ship on a great circular course and the final revenge caused the crash back into Motavia.

All in all I would like to see a remake / reboot of PSIII and would be more than willing to help put some work into the great project that it would become now there would be no restriction based on the memory capacity of the cartridge.

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