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PostPosted: Thu Mar 3, '11, 8:08 pm 
PSI: 1



PSIV: 5-9

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, '12, 6:19 am 
PSI - 4 or 5 times. I just finished it on my iPod a few minutes ago, though before that I had to start over from scratch after losing my save file halfway through the game.

PSII - I completed my second full playthrough last week. I've started it a lot more than that, but by Dezo, I usually lose my patience for leveling up and whatnot.

PSIII - 2-3 times per path

PSIV - It's my favorite, so I've lost count. I guess it'd be around 10+ times.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, '12, 7:55 am 
PSI: Far too many to count, some of my earliest memories are about beating Phantasy Star.

PSII: 3 times.

PSIII: At least 8 times, twice for each ending, and maybe a few more.

PSIV: Another too many to count.

PS Online: Once.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, '12, 12:35 pm 
Very interesting question ! :party:

PSI: A lot of times ! More than 10, of that I'm sure ^^. Now I need to finish a french version of the game(translated by a fan) and the Hordes of Nei Version. I've finished the game in a lot of different versions, including the retranslated version made from the japanese text by a famous sms site (great version !!)

PSII: Only once (again ?). Very hard and hard to finish at the time of play (and see ? When I was young the games weren't translated (and will never be later !!!) in french and my english was far from being perfect !;)
Same for the III and IV.

PSIII: Only once again !!!! ! But I can't remember if I've seen all the endings, and that's why I'm (like the 3 opuses on megadrive) playing it again actually :) To see all the endings and keep the saved files.

PSIV: Only once ! Strange but I've never really played a second time since I wasn't a huge fan of the game (know I've made up my mind and I'm through my second time !).

PS Online: Once too but many manymany hours online ! (too many...^^).

And I think I'll play again a lot !!:) Long life to the best serie in the world :)

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