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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, '08, 4:59 pm 
When you see the items Telepipe and Escapipe in your travels through PSI - PSIV what do you see when you use them? Do you see the character carrying a flute and playing a peaceful tune as their bodies are wisked away from the dungeon or to the town of their choice? And how do these magical items work in bringing a decent size group of people.

I'm gonna take a crack at it and say technology was used in studying Magic when they were creating the pipes. I'm not sure if its in PSI since I haven't played it that far yet but I'm gonna say all teleporting abilities revolve around the use of the Magic Grantz, as seen used by Mieu in PSIII. Most likely before PSI someone, or something who had knowledge of the Grantz spell thought s/he may share his/her wisdom with the world, so a study began. Many years passed and the Grantz spell produced a offspring of sorts, Ryuka and Hinas. Thinking technology could go further in their research they placed the knowledge of Ryuka and Hinas in textbooks, explaining the basics thus limiting its power where you could only escape dungeons and arrive at the outskirts of towns you had already been in. This also kept people from warping inside someones house while they were sleeping or doing other things, ect.

This was fine for a long period of time, but using Ryuka and Hinas would exhaust those who had already been travelling for long periods of time, or those of weak stature. Scientists began research once again on the techniques Ryuka and Hinas, having forgotten about its origin Grantz they struggled in their research to create something that would not exhaust the person who was wanting to teleport. Many days and many nights passed, who knows how long it took them to amplify the power of the technique is beyond you and me, but one day they finally did it. They created a small magical object that would amplify Ryuka and Hinas. The item would not wear the user out, but would break after usage, turning it into dust. The reason for this I believe is because the Telepipe and Escapipe use the energy not from the user of the item itself, but energy from the surroundings of the planet itself. Using that energy the item can teleport small groups of people over long distances, but will break after having to use more energy then it can hold, thus why we lose our item after usage. The symptoms of exhaustion are faintly seen in people who use Telepipes and Escapipes, as the symptoms are highly seen in those who use Ryuka and Hinas, as it drains more energy. However I believe there maybe a higher risk of exhaustion in those who use Telepipes and Escapipes constantly during the day, since it will be draining about as much energy from the user and his surroundings as using Ryuka or Hinas would.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, '08, 10:00 pm 
Ever played Zelda: Ocarina of Time and used the ocarina to warp from one area to another? I imagine the telepipe and escapipe look exactly like that, just on a bigger scale.

I agree they're probably based on some magic. I don't know about Grantz, though; it's called a technique in PSIII if I remember right, so that would be derived from some teleporting magic, too. I think the items just simply cast their respective techniques, rather than amplifying them. If it was straight up amplification, someone would have to know the related technique first. Even Wren and Demi, with their lack of all techniques, can use these items, however.

I don't recall if PSI had a teleporting magic. I think it did - I know there was an item. Generation 1 does have it at least.

You know what really stumps me, though? The hidapipe. I wonder what technique that is based on!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, '08, 12:30 pm 
Thoul wrote:Ever played Zelda: Ocarina of Time and used the ocarina to warp from one area to another? I imagine the telepipe and escapipe look exactly like that, just on a bigger scale.

In the JP version of PSIV, they actually are called ocarinas, so this is probably right on the mark.

Something weird about Grantz: In JP PSIV, the Tsu/Githu/Nathu class of spells are actually called Grantsu/Gigrantsu/Lagrantsu (likely shortened to Tsu to fit them all into the 3-5 character limit). I haven't played very much of PSIII, but I assume that the kana for PSIII's Grantz would be the same, though I wouldn't know why they'd have drastically different uses between the two games. Then again, a lot of the stuff in PSIII seems to be different.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, '08, 1:21 pm 
Hm, that makes me want to load up a save in the Japanese version of PSIII and see if they have a different name for Grantz at the end.

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