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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '14, 4:00 am 
As I mentioned in response to the previous thread I made, I've been really experiencing severe emotional turmoil and heartache from something that happened back in July/August. Somebody I roleplayed with on Facebook that I was close to and said themselves that I was a great roleplayer and liked roleplaying with me had abandoned me because of something that a little brat whom pretended to be my friend from 2011 to July of 2013 had pulled, and not only that, the person whom was RPing with swore that they would never ever play the character they played in that RP ever again, but then a month later, they decided to be a hypocrite and start playing the character again, only they start from scratch with someone else who played the character I played as if the events that took place in the RP I did with them never happened. And this person hardly ever answers my messages anymore. She just wants me to go away and leave me alone. And this person was never like this prior to what the person who ruined my RP pulled. Speaking of which, the person who ruined it is fully aware that they did it and ruined my reputation in the RP community and they have no remorse either! And the person I RPed with does not understand the pain I feel. And yet they work in an ER in RL and quote "loves helping people". You can't put a bandage over an aching heart. I can't stand not having her in my life.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '14, 11:39 am 
I don't know how to well answer to this problem but you can have all our support here... :grouphug: Having a aching heart is complicated, I can testify it :(

PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '14, 3:48 pm 
There isn't really an easy way to say this or a way to say it without maybe seeming a bit cold/detached. But I'll say it anyway. People are people. Some people don't feel remorse over the bad things they do, others won't acknowledge their hypocrisy or pain they're causing others. As much as you might want this person in your life, if she's not going to let you in, letting her go may be the only thing you can really do. As for the person who caused all this, I dunno what to say there. Some people are just mean and they get enjoyment out of causing others pain and ruining what they do.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '14, 4:55 pm 
How do you RP on Facebook? I've never used Facebook so I have no idea. I thought RPing was just for MMO games.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '14, 6:48 pm 
Sorry for your pain MrKite. I hope things are better for you soon.

Sometimes it is best to not dwell on the past and things that you can not change but to move forward and see what good opportunities and good people are waiting and want to be a part of your future. It may not be easy but sometimes it is all you can do. Good luck.

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