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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, '14, 3:00 am 
Rylen is not one of my normal screen names. Zorron is the name that most would know me by on Maxlow's board (not even sure if that place is still around). Though lately I've been using Zayden since that is what I use over on Star Pirates.

Rylen is one of those names I've used in some of my own stories depending on which universe I'm working in. Over in Spy Battles (a sister game to Star Pirates) he's a wicked evil character. My user image however happens to be the same one I use for Zayden. :P

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, '14, 8:12 am 
I wanted a user related to Phantasy Star since I would be supporting my comic on every internet forum I registered on. As a kid the wing eye was my favorite monster design and I chose the wing eye over the others because my favorite color is blue. Plus I figured the second weakest monster that only appeared in one game of the series wouldn't be too popular as I didn't want to run the risk of someone else using it before me.

Before I came up with this username I was on GameFAQs under the username Deep_Crow, which is from a Penny Arcade comic.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, '14, 12:48 am 
I don't know. I was just really fixating on The Beatles at the time, and I thought the song "Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!" was so incredibly catchy, that I just ended up using it.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '14, 3:37 pm 
My name comes from two of my favorite Marvel Comics mutants: Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Cypher (Doug Ramsey).

I have not found any problems with this name being already taken anywhere, so I really like it.

In other forums and on deviantART, I go by my name: César Hernández-Meraz (or just César Hernández, if the space is not enough).

PostPosted: Fri Nov 7, '14, 10:31 pm 
Zio doesnt get the props he should. He built Zio's Fort, an impressive architecture in the somewhat bland dungeon universe. And summoned, (to a lesser extent,) dark falz/force.
who later, abandoned him. go team!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, '14, 2:46 am 
Parma Ham wrote:I think the localization "Parma" for the name of the 1st planet of Algol is silly. As you probably know, Parma is the name of a city (and a province) in Italy. Parma is particularly famous for 2 food products: Parmigiano-Reggiano (a.k.a. "Parmesan") cheese, and prosciutto di Parma, i.e., "Parma ham". Now I have nothing whatsoever against Italy, Parma, or any of their produce--in fact, I love ALL of the aforementioned places and things. I simply prefer Parma in Europe, and Palma in Algol. Hence the silly username. 8)

but what about Palma de Majorca in Spain? certainly thats a definitive "Palma"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, '14, 10:21 am 
Parma Ham wrote:
Zio_Falz wrote:but what about Palma de Majorca in Spain? certainly thats a definitive "Palma"

Truly. Brian De Palma is one of the best film directors ever. Even if I refer to only one, film

Parma Ham wrote:True. And there are other examples, such as the famous filmmaker Brian De Palma, etc. I just arbitrarily prefer the use of "Palma" in PS over "Parma". Every time I think of "Palma", I think of Phantasy Star. Every time I think of "Parma", I think of pigs hanging in butcher shops. :)

My earliest experience with the term Parma, was in Sword of Vermillion. As you maze your way toward the village, which rhymes with "Barma,"an NPC says "Welcome to Parma, Stranger." forever burnt in my mind. And yes, for this reason, I prefer Palm(a) over Parma, stranger.

In real life, if i could recommend since I am somewhat traveled, I'd def visit Palma and omit Parma (well, that is, unless you take a layover in Parma since Ryanair flies Parma to Palma. Yeah. confuzzling.)
but Parma Ham, really isnt that bad to eat! much better than a burger and restores more HP too.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '17, 2:36 pm 
Bragatyr wrote:
Also, myau, nice to know the specifics on the name, and wow, great name for a company, I would love to get to know the Breton language, I studied Welsh a while back and read that Breton and Cornish were closely related to it as Brythonic languages, and I remember wondering if you encountered the Breton language in your daily life, living in Brittany as you do, that's awesome!

Wouh ! Very late but, Bragatyr, I haven't seen your answer here ! Myself I don't really know the "Breton language" but I'm amazed about the fact that you've studied welsh language not so long ago ! :)

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