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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, '10, 10:41 pm 
I got my name from Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite, which is a Beatles song.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 2:43 pm 
Simple question really but I figured it'd make for an interesting conversation.

Mine is obvious, of course. Well, actually, I wasn't "always" known as Aeroprism.

My first real foray on the internet was in the mid 90's on a friend's computer, our grasp of the english language was rudimentary at best (good times, you should read my fanfic from then) and I remembered my first chat room ever, using my friend's own account and introducing myself as "the other guy at the keyboard, from the depths of nothingness". Some dude answered something like "well, that was off the wall". So for the next few hours, I was dubbed "Wallguy, the guy who uses his friend's chat account".

I didn't really like that so I gathered I needed an internet alias to show the world how l33t I was. Since the mid 90's were a PS craze to me, I looked at a few candidates like "Trimate", "Megid" and "PaseoHotStud"

Nah, just kidding. It was Aeroprism from the moment I decided I needed an alias and it will never, ever change.

Also: every time I tried typing "alias" in this post, I typo-ed "alisa". I love PS.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 4:35 pm 
Dude, PaseoHotStud is the best username ever, you have to use that if you ever need an alt on some other Phantasy Star forum!

Mine is from the Norse words "bragr" or poetry (in the form of the Norse god Bragi) and "Tyr", the god Tyr, whose name was used in compounds to suggest other gods (because his name is etymologically just the Indo-European word "god", like Latin "deus" and Greek "theos" (his name in Proto-Norse/Germanic was Tiwaz)). I used to like to write poetry, so I rather vainly chose that name, ha ha.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 5:10 pm 
Post didn't go through. Or I forgot to hit the post button before doing a mod thing.

Aero, hope you don't mind, but I merged your topic into one that was already existing on that subject. Admittedly, it was a really old topic, but I was pretty sure it existed so I went and found it to do the merge. Nothing to worry about, but just letting you know. :) And I guess I might as well explain mine, since it's changed since I last posted here…

So my name comes from a book. It's probably not a book anyone here has read, but it's called 'Mind of the Raven' by Bernd Heinrich. He's a biologist at the University of Vermont and he wrote a book on his studies with ravens, which are astoundingly smart birds…they can think abstractly enough to solve problems, there's evidence they can count, at least to a point, they've performed as well as monkeys one some psychological tests, and they can pass the mirror test. Among other things, that he neatly discusses in his book. In the wild, he noticed that they often associate closely with wolves, so he subtitled the book 'Investigations and Adventures with Wolf Birds.' I happen to think ravens are cool, and that's where the name comes from.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 7:51 pm 
My original name here: VistaBlade was a made up name I used for my character when I used to play Ether Saga Odyssey. I just decided to use it here too.

I changed it to S4Blade since I went through some long play sessions with S4 League recently, and the change seemed to fit.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 8:50 pm 
Mine is easy to explain ! Myau.. everyone knows this name here ! And 56 it's the number of my department ! Morbihan : in breton, the language of my region, the meaning is "little sea" :)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 11:05 pm 
Very cool stuff on the username, Wolf Bird, I love ravens and wolves too, they're very closely associated in Norse culture (largely for being scavengers of the dead and thus associated with battlefields and death). I didn't know they actually associated in life, that's awesome. I remember reading about how crafty ravens are, I thought it was amazing to learn that they along with other species of birds have been observed (evidently) to count. I read that dogs will lose track of the exact whereabouts of a group of people or animals leaving an enclosed space, like a cave, that they can't conceive of numbers beyond a small group, but ravens can keep count nearly up to double digits, which is amazing. I also read that they can conceal a huge number of small items in unbelievably distant places and recall the locations of each of them, if I'm not mistaken.

Also, myau, nice to know the specifics on the name, and wow, great name for a company, I would love to get to know the Breton language, I studied Welsh a while back and read that Breton and Cornish were closely related to it as Brythonic languages, and I remember wondering if you encountered the Breton language in your daily life, living in Brittany as you do, that's awesome!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 11:28 pm 
It's a good book, Bragatyr, I'd definitely recommend it if you can find a copy or feel compelled to order it online. We like to say 'birdbrains', but the funny thing is, birds, as a whole, actually aren't that stupid…except for owls, apparently, which we like to call 'wise'. Funny how that works out. But yeah, Heinrich wrote a lot about the birds' caching behavior, so they kept plenty of food stored up through harsh New England winters and easily be able to recall the locations of each cache. They (and wolves) are pretty big figures in a fair variety of old myths, including a lot of the native myths in the states. Cool, interesting stuff, IMO.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 2:03 am 
It is my real name.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, '14, 1:04 am 
My original name was SegaVsCapcomVsSNK. I was into fighting games, especially Capcom's Vs. Series, and I was wondering about the idea of a Sega Vs. Capcom. Imagine having PS characters duke it out against Mega Man :hyper:. The Street Fighter Vs. King of Fighters Capcom Vs. SNK games were my favorite crossovers, so I put the three together and that's where I got the name from.

My current name comes from one of my favoirte KOF characters, Iori Yagami, who has purple flames.

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