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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, '08, 1:30 pm 
This elliptical thing cleared me about who was the responsible for Dezo eclipse (which also shows us Dezo and Parma doesn’t have the same "planet year").
In PS4 there is no sign that the planet gets an eclipse anymore (I’m pretty sure Dezorians never mention that phenomenon). But in other Phantasy Stars we read…
PS1: «An eclipse occurs on this planet once every hundred years. A torch lit during an eclipse is called an "Eclipse Torch" and is regarded as holy by the Dezorians.»
PS2: «The reason the accident happened on the day of a solar eclipse was because the Palm people didn't pray.»

Actually in PS4 they only mention 1000 years (instead of 100):
«Supposedly there is this holy flame at the Gumbious Temple that protects us. It's said that it has been burning without fail for a thousand years

If a torch is lit every time Dezo has an eclipse, this means the last one was a thousand years ago (in PSII).

So I guess we can assume Palma was the planet witch provoked (every 100 years) the eclipse in Dezolis.
According to my calculus "1 year (Parma) = 100 or 200yrs Dezo"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, '08, 7:49 am 
Hm, I never noticed that they said the torch was burning for a thousand years in PSIV. That's a very interesting point. It also explains a lot about why the torch is so important there. It's probably the last eclipse torch they'll ever be able to light.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, '08, 2:58 am 
Temple Priest #1: How is the torch?
Temple Priest #2: It appears to be alright, although the construction of the new wing isn't helping any.

Construction Worker #1: We should close this wall before a gust of wind....

*The wind blows so hard it extinguishes the torch*

Temple Priest #1 & 2: .......
Construction Worker #1: ........
Temple Priests #1-100: Kill them!!!!

*Begins chasing the workers throughout Dezolis for many many days*

PostPosted: Tue May 23, '17, 5:31 pm 
Maybe its both. Not that they switched orbits per se, but that the elliptical orbits made it appear as a switch, and, even with elliptical orbits, if planets get too close and their gravities both really pull, bad things can happen on each planet then.

Thats my explanation. And Esper Mansion did not change loctions. Rolf just did not have an Icebreaker. Over the next 1000 years, the original mansion expanded its architecture, and the mansion Rolf visited, became Esper Mansion's "Inner Sanctum" which the PSIV party visited.

PostPosted: Thu May 25, '17, 1:18 pm 
Alll is very interesting here ! Even if I don't have the knowledge which can permit me to have a "real thought" about this ! But the fact that the Esper Mansion have not moved between PSII and PSIV is logical ! Thanks for the hints !

PostPosted: Sun May 28, '17, 11:17 pm 
Astronomically, It makes no sense that planets switched orbits out of the blue. It takes extreme forces to cause a perturbation that would take planets out of their orbits (a star-sized object, for example).

The elliptical orbit excuse is more convincing to justify the mistake, although it would be pretty difficult for a planet with such an irregular orbit to sustain life.

It also makes no sense that Palma "exploded". But I don't think they really meant it to be realistic.

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PostPosted: Tue May 30, '17, 1:19 pm 
After all, to use the terms "Phantasy" or "Science-Fiction" can help make some mistakes seems pretty realistic ! :) It's practical but we can then alaways discuss about it : it is realistic or not ?

About Palma's explosion, hard to believe that Gaila was able to make it explode but...

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