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 Post subject: Hotmail security breach
PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 8:19 pm 
It looks like there has been a security breach in some Hotmail accounts where some passwords were posted online, I think, but this also includes some Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Earthlink, AOL, and possibly others too. ... nline.html

This is scary! :yikes:

I have already changed some of my passwords just to be safe. If there is such a thing as "safe" any more. :yaknow:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 8:30 pm 
More concerning still is the uncertainty over the means by which the passwords were obtained. Is this just "phishing", or key-logging, or... worse still... a genuine hack?

This article seems to suggest key-logging as a possibility, since only 1 in 1,000 users typically fall prey to phishing scams.

Web mail scam propagates itself

PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 9:13 pm 
Key logging does make the most sense in this scenario. With such a variety of accounts being targeted, I find it hard to believe this could be a hacking case. If it was just Gmail or Hotmail that would be reasonable, but when you've got accounts with many different sites being used it is a different story. There would have to be several different hacks.

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