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This is a different view of one scene in PSIV through the eyes of a very unlikely character. I may attempt to try this sort of fanfic using similar situations for other scenes throughout the PS series if this one is liked. This one is a very short story.

It's meant to be a mystery who the main character is, but those of you familiar with the game probably will guess the protagonist's identity quickly.


I could hardly contain my excitement as my brother entered the room bearing the summons. "The master has called for you! He actually wants to meet you in person!" The message mentioned that the black cloaked general had fallen, and it was necessary for another to strike against and delay the infidels. My spirits dropped as he heard about the end of the great one. He had served as a mentor for me as well as the master's right hand man. But I could see the pride on my brother's face as he announced that I had been chosen to be the next one to serve the master.

Out of all of the technique masters in our dorm, he had selected me. I never thought of myself as anything special in my skills. I had excelled in my classes quite well, but I had a lot to learn still. I almost thought it was a practical joke by the other students, but the message even had the master's black imprint upon it.

I smiled to my brother. He always thought I was destined for greatness when he saw the superiority of my techniques.

"You've been summoned to appear before him immediately!" he beamed.

I grabbed my best staff and robe and cast Ryuka. I feel the familiar shift on my molecules as I phased out of existence from my room.

When I reformed, I found myself in front of a gigantic black door. The helmeted guards had detected my presence and they opened the portal. With a quick wave, the one on the left motioned me inside.

The entry hall was gray-colored with no windows to the outer world. Another door opened in the rear. I proceeded inside.

The next chamber had shifting, multi-colored walls. Along the sides I recognized the Wise Ones who served as an audience to the master's proclamations. I walked through the middle of the hall towards the next chamber.

I looked side to side as my strides carried me to the other end. The Wise Ones nodded to me, and I felt they had been responsible for suggesting me as the next general to the master. Their smiles helped ease the anxiety and fear that had been swelling in my head as I proceeded through the building. I looked back one more time as I reached the doorway and then entered.

"Welcome, young one."

A voice had entered my thoughts as the blackness of the next room enveloped me. I shivered and looked around.

"Do not fear me, for I am the master."

The voice echoed in my mind again, as I felt a presence nearby. Two red eyes formed in the total darkness that surrounded me. A large shadowy form appeared behind the glowing orbs, and I saw the face of the master. His mouth did not move as I heard the deep speech once more.

"I have a task for you, young one. Your skills have not gone unseen. I need someone of your power to accomplish a very important mission for me."

I nodded.

"Those responsible for the death of the black-cloaked one have begun to annoy me. I need you to delay them as they attempt to make a voyage that may prove problematic to me."

His red eyes glowed fiercely as he told me of the plan. As he finished, I bowed before his black visage and used Ryuka again.

A great light caused me to shield my eyes as I appeared in the desert near a gray-toned town. The contrast in brightness was stunning. Apparently, I had arrived too early.

I looked around and noticed a town with a large temple nearby. Perhaps it once belonged to the black-robed one. A large explosion nearby pulled my attention away from the village and I saw a huge structure explode into several hundred fragments on the horizon. This had been what the master had expected.

I pulled my book of spells out of my pack and looked over a few before a rumbling erupted from the sand next to me. An opening appeared in the ground and a metallic building raised out of it. I could not recognize the type of material that composed its heavy door as I pushed it open.

Peering inside, I saw that the strange building was empty. There were several blinking monitors and lights inside, but nothing caught my attention except the door at the other end. Hearing voices outside, I took a quick peek through the door and saw four shapes walking toward the building. Cursed infidels! They would pay for the death of my mentor. I turned back inside and rushed to the other door.

Inside was an amazing sight.

There was a large blue craft with wings jutting out of its sides, just as the master had told me. I hurried up the ramp and through the open portal in its side just as the outer door of the building creaked open with a swooshing sound.

The first room was a cramped chamber with six seats, several monitors and strange controls. A glass window looked out into the room that housed the craft. Nearby speech took my attention and I ran as far into the craft as possible.

When they boarded, I was waiting in the back room looking at the unusual metal boxes and machines nearby. The devices were bizarre, to say the least.

A few anxiety-ridden minutes later, the machines in the room began to hum and whir. I jumped to my feet, worried that I had done something wrong. Then I remembered that the master had told me about such technology existing today. The cylindrical machinations intrigued the most, as those were the ones that made the most noise as they charged with power.

With a loud crash I was thrown into the rear wall as the craft lurched forward and upward. I felt a feeling of weightlessness for a moment, then I was brought down onto the floor by the "gravity-devices" put on the ship. I could barely hear anything above the whine of the machines, but there were clearly loud voices coming from the room in front.

Minutes later, I was thrown onto my behind again as the craft stopped suddenly. I could barely hold in a curse as the voices became distant and then silent. Perhaps the craft was now deserted. I heard the master's orders once again and knew this was the truly important part of my mission. I charged up my power and unleashed a Gafoi technique at each of the machines in the room. I had soon dispatched of each of them, except for the whining cylinders at the very rear of the craft.

Before I had an opportunity to damage those devices, I heard the voices return in the front room. I had to hurry, otherwise they would reach the other metal sphere.

The cylinders charged up again, and I braced myself for the surge as the ship detached from where it had landed. It shuddered and whined as I cast a Hewn spell in the room, causing magical winds to surge and fly about the room. Metal pieces and shards flew around as all the remaining machines broke up in the gale. The cylinders split open and began to spark, as I heard alarms and yells from the front of the ship. A red light illuminated the room as I used Flaeli on the sparking devices.

Then the door swung open.

I turned to see four shapes burst into the wrecked room. All four had human features, though one had metallic lining on his face and torso, and another had a pair of horns jutting out of its pink hair. The shape in front, this one with blond hair, saw me and alerted his allies. They would now suffer for their deeds. I gloated, notifying them of the condition of their craft, and challenged them on behalf on my master.

The one with metal features opened fire with a strange beam weapon. I ducked the first blast, but the second collided with my right arm. Yelling with pain, I barely dodged out of the way of the blond one as he lunged with his sword. With anger swelling inside of me, I unleashed another Hewn at the two of them. The winds threw them about and into the broken the machines on the wall.

Another fire technique emerged from my staff and flew toward the remaining two. The horned one rolled to the left and dashed in quickly. It raked me with its claws four times. I winced as the metal shredded my robe and then shattered my staff.

Doubled over, I looked up to see the last shape chanting. I noticed the blue-haired one carried a staff and had an aura of power around him as he launched a surging ball of flame at me. It struck me fully on the chest.

Engulfed in magical flame and writhing in agony, I felt the lifeblood draining from my body. With my last strength, I turned to see the cylindrical engines behind me exploding. I felt great relief, despite the pain.

As the blackness filled my mind, I thought to the master: "I've done it, master! The infidels will not get to Kuran on this ship! My mission is complete."


The Chaos Sorcerer sunk to the floor aflame, knowing in the depths of its black heart that its mission was a success. The four "heroes" would not be able to reach its master at the satellite Kuran aboard their current vessel.
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