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PostPosted: Mon Mar 2, '15, 2:03 am 
Interesting game called "Skip A Beat" uses your heartbeats in playing the game: ... /23243843/

PostPosted: Mon Mar 2, '15, 5:51 pm 
this game is a bit discriminatory.

It are very often to find children up until adolescence, who do not have a heart rate of 80 to 90. at rest. but during athleticism, it stays within normal range of athletic activity to ensure adequate filling of the chambers and pumping out of chambers.
newborn infants can have a heart rate between 120 and 160 BPM. not that they play video games

I myself, despite being athletic, have a heart rate that is 80-90. at rest, same deal about the heart chamber filling and ejection.

made meanwhile a buddy of mine, he has a resting heart rate of 50. heart rate envy.

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