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PostPosted: Thu Jun 9, '11, 9:41 pm 
Seems the Iranian women have been banned from the Olympics in 2012 supposedly because of their dress or uniform: ... ?gt1=38002

Some say that they could change their dress to fit the uniform requirements.

It stinks though that after all their hard work they may not be able to compete in the Olympics.

What's your viewpoint on this matter? Who do you think is unfair?

Comments or OPinions?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, '11, 1:58 am 
I always find things like this sad and unfortunate. In my opinion, some sports organizations are too strict to sticking to dress codes. I can understand and agree with wanting to be safe, but having one's hair covered does not strike me as particularly unsafe. Uncovered long hair can be pulled just as easily as a covering.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, '11, 2:46 am 
You have to look at it at this point of view. The headscarves they wear cover both their heads and necks. In one example say one of the women get extremely hot and they end up having a head stroke, but the headscarf can't be removed in time, it will cause the woman to most likely die from heatstroke

Another example is choking. All it takes is one person to get extremely mad, or just one accident that the scarf comes loose somehow and it gets caught either on another player by accident if that person falls down, they could end up being choked to death.

I understand we have to respect other cultures and their beliefs, but the rules of sports are set for a reason and they have to respect those rules as well otherwise they shouldn't be allowed to play. Its like playing games on the playground, if you can't follow the rules then you have to sit out or play by yourself.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, '11, 2:56 am 
View this from the sports perspective too.

The uniform regulations are to there to place all of the athletes on an even footing as far as their attire goes. And here again, these Iranian ladies would likely be at a disadvantage because of the headscarves. It's simply not pratical to wear something like that, especially while competing in an athletic event. And as Thoul has pointed out, long hair, whilst not prohibited to my knowledge, in any olympic event could be an henderance in and of itself in many of the competitive events.

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