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PostPosted: Fri Jun 8, '07, 11:43 pm 
I thought I'd post this under the game topic since it is related to games.

I saw where a lot of people who play the new Nintendo Wii are coming down with symptoms called "Wii-itis" where they actually seem to be suffering with the ailments related to whatever type of game they might be playing (such as someone playing real tennis games, etc., might have).

I remember years ago there were other "ailments" that people brought up they had when playing other various Nintendo games and other games.

I think there was something one time about playing games so long making you dizzy after awhile. Also something about people having sore thumbs or other associated problems due to pressing controls so much, etc.

Anyone remember any other "sicknesses" or "ailments" associated with playing video games, etc.? Have you or anyone you know ever experienced anything like this?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 9, '07, 2:11 pm 
That's the problem with video game controls that simulate real sports. You're doing the same motions, so you'll get the same results.

I've gotten sore thumbs plenty of times after a long session. Occasionally I might get :dizzy: from a game that spins the screen around quickly, but that is pretty rare.

Most new games come with warnings about causing seizures, but I've never heard of that happening, as far as I can recall.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 9, '07, 4:05 pm 
My wrist used to ache after playing games that vibrated the controller. I always turn vibration off now.

I've heard of seizures from watching certain TV shows. I think the warning in video games was added after a Nintendo cartoon sent a lot of people to the hospital in Japan.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 3:15 am 
Aside from some sore thumbs I haven't had any problems before, and now, with the way the new controllers are designed, I don't even have problems with them.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 9:23 pm 
I once got sick after playing Descent for a few hours. I was really sick, terrible headache, almost had to puke. Back in that time, all those old shooters usually gave me headaches.

Nowadays they don't (neither do new shooters), that symptom somehow disappeared out of nowhere like my motion sickness.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, '07, 6:53 pm 
I thought this post might fit in with this subject topic. I was watching some of Fox & Friends News show this morning and they were going to do a segment on people having addictions to playing video games. Unfortunately, I missed the airing of it. Did anyone else happen to see it?

I suppose the video games (atleast some of them) can be addicting. I remember way back when the Mario games came out, we played them and played them, and played them. It did seem like a sort of addiction, I guess. I don't know, we just wanted to get to the end and beat the game. After that, everything was cool. Maybe we didn't have it as bad as some do though.

It's weird to think that just as some people may be addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alchohol, and so many other things, we can now add video games to the list.

Anyhow, it might be interesting to hear everyone's take on this subject of video games being addicting. Have you ever felt like you were addicted to playing a video game, or certain other games?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, '07, 8:30 pm 
I've read about that happening with some online games, mainly Everquest. Some people couldn't stop playing them, to the extent of neglecting family, work, and so on. I've never understood how it's possible, but I guess it is.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, '07, 7:55 pm 
Heard on the news this morning about some person who had been playing online video games in some type of game marathon or something for three whole days, and they died! :blank: They were in Japan or were Japanese or something like that. Wow, that was shocking to hear. It's hard to think of someone losing their life over just playing a video game.

The news people were talking about it later and they said that many different things could happen when people stay in one position for a long period of time playing games and don't move around much, or take time to eat, etc., etc., etc. The legs can develop a blood clot which in turn can cause other medical crisis, etc.

Everyone who plays video games needs to remember this and be careful to take breaks and exercise periods and eating periods, etc., from time to time. :yes:

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, '07, 9:33 pm 
Yes, it's very important to take breaks now and then. I've done marathon sessions before, but never for so long. That's dangerous and goes against the warnings included with most games these days.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, '07, 11:53 pm 
Yeah, I've played for 8 hours straight a couple of times, PSIV the first day, Starcraft/Goldeneye in college, but come on, bathroom and pizza breaks had to come into play somewhere! :wink:

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