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PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '15, 9:30 pm 
Happy 18th anniversary, Fringes of Algo! It is now time to celebrate with the announcement of the winners for the 2015 Muskies Awards! :happy_marle: We had a great turn out for the awards once again this year. A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated; you make these awards possible and that's why the reflect the community. The results have been tabulated, so without further ado, let's get to the list of winners!

Your first place 2015 Muskies Winners are:
  • Best Fan Artwork: I Can Show You the World by Icecypher
  • Mira Hernandez by Vladimir Castellanos
  • Best Artist: Icecypher
  • Best Writer: Tanith
  • Best Original Character: (tie) Castiel "Reaper" Dawson by Atlinsmere and Mira Hernandez by carlsojos
  • Best Other Fan Work: Phantasy Star Replay by Wing Eye
  • Best Forum Game: BIBLE Trivia
  • Best Introduction Topic: Hello, everyone, by Icecypher
  • Best Avatar: (tie) augumentedfourth & PathfinderCS
  • Best Signature: Prince Noah
  • Most Successful Discussion: Picture of you
  • Most Enthusiastic Fringer: Icecypher
  • Fringer of Excellence: Aeroprism
  • Best Achievement Hunter: Icecypher
  • Most Active Quiz Taker: (tie) Scootaloo & R-90-2
  • Prominent Poster: Silver_Surfer1
  • Top Conversation Starter: Silver_Surfer1
  • Staff Member of the Year: (tie) Silver_Surfer1 & Wolf Bird

There were a few ties for second and third place this year, so a lot of people received awards not listed above. The full list of winners, including second and third places, will be available in the Muskies Awards section soon.

I will be sending PMs to all award winners to present them with special banners created in recognition of their achievements over the course of the new few days. Please wear them ploudly! :laugh_lucca:

Congratulations to all winners! :D If you did not win, you have my condolences. Don't fret, though. There's always next year's Muskies! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Fringes of Algo over the past year :)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '15, 10:21 pm 
Wow! Thanks, guys.

And congratulations to everyone else, as well. :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Fri Apr 3, '15, 5:53 pm 
Congrats Icecypher and all the Muskie winners!!

And, Happy Anniversary to The Fringes!

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, '15, 4:30 am 
I... wow, thank you, Fringers! You are most generous! I'm sorry I missed the Muskies this year, but I've been stupidly busy (details in the Parlor).

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, '15, 3:32 am 
You're most welcome, Tanith! (hands a statuette and a plush Mieu over)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 2, '15, 4:35 am 
Not only am I late in adding my congratulations, but I must admit that for at leasy 16 of the 18 anniversaries, I had no idea this site existed, or at least paid no mind to it, as great of a site as it is. I was well aware of the "old school"James Maxlow PS Pages, from their inception, to more recent times like Hughes Thompson's awesome PS3 site with their awesome calendars I'd change month by month. But somehow this comprehensive, amazing site totally slipped under the radar. Of course, I could say work or whatever prevented me, but thats not good enough a reason. Happy Anniversary PSAlgo.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, '15, 3:02 am 
Haven't been here in awhile so I missed the anniversary!

Belated congratulations on reaching an important accomplishment and best of luck in the future to this Psalgo site, one of the best Phantasy Star sites there is!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, '15, 11:50 am 
Like Rudo, I haven't been here in awhile, so I missed it too ! Too bad but ...:( I'll try to be more present but it's not easy ! Congratulations to all the winners and see you soon ! :)

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