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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:09 pm 
Happy 17th anniversary, Fringes of Algo! It is now time to celebrate with the announcement of the winners for the 2014 Muskies Awards! :happy_marle: We had a great turn out for the awards once again this year. A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated; you make these awards possible and that's why the reflect the community. The results have been tabulated, so without further ado, let's get to the list of winners!

Your first place 2014 Muskies Winners are:
  • Best Single Chapter Fan Fiction: A Peculiar Christmas by tilinelson2
  • Best Multiple Chapter Fan Fiction: Ripple Effect by Snorb
  • Best Original Writing: The Wisdom of Solomon by Bragatyr
  • Best Fan Artwork: Cause of the Dark by Bragatyr
  • Best Original Artwork: Roots of Life and Death by Wolf Bird
  • Best Artist: Wolf Bird
  • Best Writer: tilinelson2
  • Best Original Character: Celeith by Celeith
  • Best Other Fan Work: Phantasy Star Parody Comic by Wing Eye
  • Best Forum Game: Chain Game, Part 3
  • Best Introduction Topic: Hello all, new member saying Hi by VistaBlade
  • Best Avatar: jessie
  • Best Signature: augmentedfourth
  • Most Successful Discussion: Getting to Know You, 2014
  • Most Enthusiastic Fringer: myau56
  • Fringer of Excellence: Bragatyr
  • Best Achievement Hunter: Wolf Bird
  • Most Active Quiz Taker: Tanith
  • Prominent Poster: myau56
  • Top Conversation Starter: Silver_Surfer1
  • Staff Member of the Year: Wolf Bird

There were a few ties for second and third place this year, so a lot of people received awards not listed above. The full list of winners, including second and third places, will be available in the Muskies Awards section soon.

I will be sending PMs to all award winners to present them with special banners created in recognition of their achievements over the course of the new few days. Please wear them ploudly! :laugh_lucca:

Congratulations to all winners! :D If you did not win, you have my condolences. Don't fret, though. There's always next year's Muskies! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Fringes of Algo over the past year :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:24 pm 
Awesome, Happy Anniversary! I am stoked as usual, congrats to everybody who won and especially to Thoul and Silver Surfer and Wolf Bird for making Fringes such an awesome place to be.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:42 pm 
Awesome too here ! Happy anniversary ! And congratulations to all the Muskies Winners !
And like Bragatyr was saying.. congratulations to Thoul and all the administrators here, those who have made this site and continue to make it live ! :clap:

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:55 pm 
Awesome!!! :) Congratulations to all the Muskie Award winners!! :clap:

And, Happy Anniversary to The Fringes Of Algo site today. :rose:

Thanks to each and every one of our members here for helping to make this such a terrific and fun place to be. :yes:

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 10:50 pm 
Mieu P: (handing out award statues) Yay! ^_^

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 11:39 pm 
What a great post to see as I head home for the day (and stuck in a traffic jam at Alewife, lol). Happy anniversary THE best place on the 'net. Really do love this place and the folks here. Congrats to all winners! :clap:

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 1:28 am 
Uh, oh, I had been so busy these weeks that I haven't even remembered about Fringes anniversary. Anyway, happy anniversary, Fringes!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 3:36 pm 
Ack I missed it, congrats to everyone.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, '14, 4:47 am 
It makes me proud to have been honored with muskies. Thanks guys!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, '14, 9:35 pm 
Congratulations to all the winners, and happy anniversary to the site. I also would like to thank Thoul, Surfer, and Wolf Bird for making this a great place on the internet. I'm really glad I decided to come back to the forums, I think it's a more enjoyable place than ever. Keep up the good work.

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