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 Post subject: Happy 19th Anniversary!
PostPosted: Sat Apr 2, '16, 4:55 am 
Happy 19th anniversary, Fringes of Algo! Today marks 19 years since this site was first brought online. The site has grown and changed quite a lot over the years, with this past year marking quite a few milestones for our favorite message board. We've now got over 96000 posts and 10000 topics that have accumulated in the 9 years the board has been live.

I want to thank all our members and regular visitors, especially those that have stuck with us over all these years. A special thanks is due to our excellent moderator staff who help keep this board running regularly.

Thanks again everyone, and look for this year's Muskies Awards to to be held during the coming month of April. It's a little later than usual this year, but not forgotten!


PostPosted: Sat Apr 2, '16, 9:24 am 
Has it been that long already? Congratulations fellow Fringers on yet another successful year of Fringing! Happy Fringes Of Algo Day everyone!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 2, '16, 5:09 pm 
Happy 19th Anniversary ! Very long time ! What a great performance and what a wonderful site here :) And magical moderators,; as a fantastic site Creator : Thoul. And all the wonderful members too ! Happy Birthday to all ! :) :party:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 3, '16, 12:33 am 
Happy 19th Anniversary to the Fringes Of Algo site!! :party:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 3, '16, 3:16 pm 
I was offline most of yesterday and missed this until now. Happy anniversary! Still love this site, and still the only not-social media site I post to regularly.

PostPosted: Mon May 9, '16, 6:08 pm 
Happy anniversary!

I have been tied up with theater things (daily showings, paired up with no vacations from work, can do that), so I missed this.

PostPosted: Tue May 10, '16, 11:28 am 
Better later than never ! :) Happy anniversary again ! :)

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