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PostPosted: Sat Feb 9, '13, 12:03 am 
Been a big Green Day fan since 2001, and as you may know, in 2012, they released a trilogy of new studio albums (I think it was one album per month starting in either September or October?), the first album called "¡Uno!", the second one is called "¡Dos!", and the third and final installment is called "¡Tré!". Kinda like a Guns N' Roses thing, but not exactly of course. There's also a DVD about all three albums called "¡Quatro!" which I don't have, but I do have the three albums, and I've only heard two songs from the first and second ones and none of the songs from "¡Tré!" yet. So far, based on the songs I've heard, "¡Dos!" is the best of the bunch I think, but of course since I haven't heard every single song from any of the three, that is subject to change. "Kill The DJ" is one of the two singles from ¡Uno!, which I find much better than "Oh Love" which went to #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. "Stray Heart" is the lead single from ¡Dos!, which is an okay song, but I don't like the music video for it. It also contains "Stop When The Red Lights Flash", which I'm hoping there will be a video for and single release in the future, because that's the best of the trilogy's songs I've heard so far. The lead single from ¡Tré! is called "X-Kid". Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong described the trilogy of albums like this:

On the first album you want to party
On the second album, you're AT the party
and on the third album, you're cleaning up the mess.

I hear that ¡Tré! is the most experimental of the three.

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