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 Post subject: Graves,Ghost Town found
PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, '11, 7:48 pm 
Due to drought (lack of water) many lakes and ponds are drying up everywhere and in one place in the usa a ghost town and old graves have been found that were once covered by the water. ... 24788.html

Interesting story, but it kind of gave me the creeps or an eerie feeling thinking that all along these graves had been underneath the water. :yikes:

Our part of the country has also experienced some drought issues in lakes and ponds due to lack of rain water, as have many others, and now I'm not so sure I want to know what what may lie underneath where the water once was....ya know??? :ill:

Anyone else experienceing droughts where you live or have you had abundant rain, etc., this year?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, '11, 10:09 pm 
There are some interesting historical finds coming up as a result of this dry spell, it seems. As far as silver linings go, that's a decent one. I wouldn't be too happy if I learned my water had been coming from a reservoir built over a graveyard. I don't want to think about everything that can get into an open lake from above the water, much less below.

We had a rather dry summer here, but we're getting a lot of autumn rain to make up for it.

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