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 Post subject: Grandia?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 6, '07, 8:44 pm 
Has anyone here played any of the Grandia series? This is yet another RPG that started on Sega systems. I think only Grandia I and II were on Sega consoles and have been ported to Sony systems, though.

I've got Grandia 1 on PlayStation One - it's a great game. The story has a really upbeat feel, unlike most RPGs. Bad things happen of course, but the dialogue really stays positive through the whole game.

Grandia II is my second favorite Dreamcast game. It's darker than the first, like most games, but still fun to play. There's one scene - Mareg sacrificing his life on the moon - that really got me. It may be a bit of cliche now, but I think this was the best scene of this type in a game to date.

 Post subject: Re: Grandia?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 9, '07, 5:27 pm 
Yep, those are good. Grandia 1 was on the Saturn first, right? I liked it better than II. II had some nice characters and scenes, but the main character just annoys me for some reason.

Did you play Grandia III or Grandia Extreme? I was going to try Extreme, but I read that it was just dungeon crawler with one town, like Diablo.

 Post subject: Re: Grandia?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 9, '07, 6:59 pm 
Oh yeah, I forgot about Grandia III. I don't know where my mind was at on that one. :roll:

I've got it too. It's good, but not as good as 1 or 2. It felt like the most unfinished game I have ever played. A lot of subplots are introduced during the game but left hanging with no resolution.

 Post subject: Re: Grandia?
PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, '07, 11:30 pm 
I had a chance to play Grandia 3 recently. It looks amazing. The visuals, especially the scenery, are just stunning. I thought the plot was okay, though I would have liked to see the characters that left early come back before the ending.

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