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 Post subject: Grand Canyon crossings
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, '13, 8:48 pm 
Read a news story the other day that one of the famous Wallenda Family (famous as tightrope walkers and other circus acts, etc.) was going to try walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. Guess what.....he actually made it across!! :clap: :clap: ... 6C10411621

Even more significant was the fact that there was no net or anything else to catch him if he fell. :yikes:

This so reminded me of famed daredevil Evil Kenivel's (sp?) attempt to cross the Grand Canyon several years ago that failed. I always thought Evil would try it again one day but that wasn't meant to be and he passed away some years ago. Still he brought much excitement to the world with his attempt also.

I don't know if they showed Wallenda's walk on TV or not as I was busy most of the weekend, but I would have surely watched it. I find these things exciting and fascinating.

So, congrats to Wallenda again. :clap:

P.S. Did anyone else get to see it then or on a video or anything??? If so, please share a link if you have one. :)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, '13, 9:47 pm 
We recorded it on TV (I think it was on the Discovery channel?), so we could skip through all of the waiting around before he started his walk. It was really windy and completely unnerving for me to watch. I have a fear of heights, and even when it's not me, I get visceral reactions to others attempting feats involving great heights. I had to look away several times and my hands got really clammy. My husband got bored with it at one point and skipped through several minutes in the middle. Nik ran across the roped at the very end.

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