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PostPosted: Thu Jun 9, '16, 10:04 pm 
Today's Google drawing features several birds, and being a bird lover myself, I had to do some searching when clicking on the google link and it said something about celebrating Phoebe Snetsinger's 85th birthday. Who is Phoebe Snetsinger, I asked myself, and what does she have to do with birds. So I googled her name and this is one of the results I found: ... 71596.html

I liked this link because it also has a picture of her. I like to actually see the person I am reading about if at all possible.

She has an awesome story, many magnificent discoveries, and some troubles along the way, but she never let it defeat her, it seems.

So, remembering Phoebe Snetsinger on what would be her 85th birthday. Glad to get to "know" you! :cake: :rose:

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