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PostPosted: Mon Jul 8, '13, 6:20 am 
I think I can put this topic here, because the latest Google Doodle is a point-and-click game, albeit a short one. I thought that this could be an ongoing topic, too, if you find a game-based Doodle in the future.

Today's (July 7th's) Google Doodle commemorates the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. I went to Roswell 14 years ago as a part of a larger tour of central/southern New Mexico (hint: the landscape is brown and there's not very much to do). I don't really believe most of the Roswell story, and the tour of their UFO museum was more for laughs than enlightenment. I still had a good time, though.

Aaaaaaaanyway, the Doodle, which I assume won't be up for too much longer, has you navigate an alien through a farmstead to look for the pieces of its ship. Really cute!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 8, '13, 9:01 am 
lol, that was really cute and kinda fun.

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