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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, '08, 8:47 pm 
A Tales of Destiny 2 Fandub! ...Only it kind of lacks the "dub" part. What I did was rearrange the translation in order to fit the melody of the song. Lucky for me about 65% of the song is in English already. Too bad that the English parts don't connect a whole lot to the Japanese lyrics, making the song sound a little disjointed. Nevertheless, here it is! :D

In case you missed Kaloes' Fandub: :D
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, '08, 9:08 pm 
I so need to try and sing that again. My voice just gave out and I went with it lol. Anyways I did a full version fandub as well. My voice actually gave out on me cause I sang the song about 200 times and I decided to go with the one that was at least somewhat decent. Maybe one day I'll go back and redo them. And thx for enjoying the fandub.

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