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Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

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 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, '14, 4:34 pm 
So, Snorb. I take it from your profile picture that you like Amy/Anne.

Do you like that I added to the picture? She was not part of the three guys I imagined first, but I thought she would be nice to have in there, and she had not been drawn by me yet, so there she is. :mrgreen:

I thought of the fans she has got here, as well.

Now, what other PS II main character have I not drawn yet?

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '15, 12:14 am 
Very nice!! Love the colors, especially the guy's purple hair. One of my fave colors. My favorite movie is "Gone With The Wind". This clearly gives the title a whole new meaning, lol.

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '15, 3:03 am 
I guess I have to watch that movie. I know it is a classic film and a "must-see", but I never gave myself the chance to do it. :melodramatic:

And if purple is your favorite color, I suppose it would not hurt me to go out of my way to draw more pics of the purple haired guy. :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '15, 8:36 pm 
Big brother slapped my wrist. Let's re-post! :p

If anything, it's nice to see drawings that are worth commenting on in-depth. Now, without further ado, I'm going to do just that.

One thing I've noticed, partly for reasons above, is that the finished work is nice, neat and tidy. Always a good thing if you cell shade, as you do. Helps everything pop that little bit more. You've made a good effort and added some nice little details as well and not just dropped them in and been minimal with the work on them. I think the freckles on Amy's face are a nice touch, though I had to check to make sure it wasn't a mark on this olde monitor first.
One thing you do quite well is the typical manga-esque hair that goes with the game, but without leaving it as simple as it was in the game. I mean, this is 2014 after all. Not 1987.
Another thing would be expressions. As someone who generally has a hard time doing them for whatever reason, I like to see what you've done here, simple as they are. So that's not too bad.

Niggles? Well there's not much to say. it's a pretty straightforward drawing here with static poses, etc. I will say that I can't help but feel Rudo's nose is maybe a bit longer than it should be? I dunno. I hate drawing the bloody things as it is. They're a massive pain yet so simple to draw. I'm worried my latest one needs a new nose before I can call it done.
besides that, nothing. though I'm wondering what's going on with that thing on Amy's bottom lip. What is that? :p

Other than that, good. Make sure to stick these up on somewhere like Deviantart if you're not already doing so, otherwise you're wasting your time.

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, '15, 9:11 pm 
Thanks! I love using clear lines, which I create with small strokes instead of long ones, so they are easier to control. The bad thing about this is that the sketchiness of true free-hand is lost, making some things (like hair) look too stiff.

I love adding things like freckles, blushing and tan lines. They are there in the real world, after all, so why not include them in pics? I always miss the different shade on hands' palms... Not always so obvious, but with darker skin tones, this is more evident. Perhaps one day I will manage to do this without forgetting.

I try to be faithful to the characters' designs (including hair style). I may sometimes add details to make them slightly more realistic, but staying true to the originals.

As for expressions... You may have noticed I do not create a lot of "battle" pics. Lots of people already do that. So I go for scenes when the characters are not fighting (I think this is the case with the other artists here, as well). So, whatever dynamism is not shown through action poses has to go to the faces. Some expressions are milder, of course, as they cannot be ham acting all the time. :mrgreen:

For Rudger's face, I did go for a nose that was larger than the tiny one he has on the official portrait. Though perhaps I overdid it. Still, I wanted him to be very light blond (lighter hair than Amia's), tall, muscular, with eyebrows that were only slightly visible and a long nose. I have seen some military guys who look similar to that, so that is what I went for. :yes:

As for Anne's lips... That thing is something I draw that is meant to be light reflection shining on the lips. I just realized this time, helped by the not so vibrant lipstick color, it just looks like something pasted on her mouth... I guess I should have made it more discreet. :(

Thanks for the comments. All of those pics are already at my deviantART gallery (link is in my signature) and on Blogspot.

Edit: As for another detail I added. Huey has a vaccine mark in his arm. I thought they would still be using it for some other diseases or something. I included it to show that, at the time of this pic, Huey had not died yet, and still had his intact original body (since a new, cloned arm would not have that mark).

Last edited by Icecypher on Mon Jan 12, '15, 9:11 pm, edited 1 time in total.

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '17, 12:55 pm 
I definitely love wind ! :lol: Far from the joke, the drawing is great here : and I'm sure that you've drawn nearly all characters from phantasy Star games ! :) (and with great talent and gift).

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '22, 8:19 pm 
Bumping up this great artwork submitted by Icecypher!

 Post subject: Re: Gone with the wind
PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '22, 11:40 am 
And now I'm loving Pink color !!! :rofl:

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