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PostPosted: Sun Oct 3, '10, 9:31 pm 
Druidry has now been recognized as an official religion in the UK: ... recognized

Sounds interesting. I don't know much about Druidry, other than what I have read in some novels and such, however.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 3, '10, 10:13 pm 
Yeah, I have just see that on the news xD But its not like all the religion. Its based on the nature. Thats a good religion I think... Thats my opinion^^

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, '10, 1:57 am 
Essentially the religion's view is that there is no one god and that every living thing has a spirit, trees, flowers, animals, etc... The spirits can be either good spirits or bad spirits. On top of this they believe in there being, fairies, sprites, demons, leprechauns, multitudes of god entities each having its powers originating from one or more of the elements, and who only knows what else.

I must admit I am surprised by this though as I had thought it was considered to be a religion in England all along. That is the area of the world where druidry originated.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, '10, 5:42 am 
I'm a bit surprised to learn that this is still an active religion. I always thought of it as a part of the middle ages and that the practice of it mostly ended after the adoption of Christianity as a government sanctioned religion. These days, this stuff mostly appears only in games and movies.

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