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 Post subject: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, '09, 6:30 pm 
Anyone know anything about Glen Beck or ever watch his show on the Fox news channel? I think he used to have a show on CNN also.

It looks like he is in some kind of a pickle, or something as some of his show sponsors or advertisers are pulling out. I think it is all due to some remark he made on another show regarding President Obama or something along those lines.

I must admit I have watched his show once or twice, or atleast snippets of it since I do watch Fox news quite a bit sometimes. I can't decide what to make of the guy, though. He seems right on regarding some things but kind of a nut regarding other things. Maybe that is just his way or something.

Here's an article I read about him losing some of his sponsors: ... 09157.aspx

If nothing else, I guess he is controversial and the news / tv usually loves something or someone like that.

 Post subject: Re: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, '09, 7:11 pm 
I try to avoid watching anything with him. I don't like his "reporting" style. He blows things out of proportion and tries to instill too much fear into viewers for my taste. For instance, one Sunday morning I was flipping through channels and caught part of a program he was hosting on Fox. I don't recall the subject matter too well, but it was some "end of the world" scenario and how people should prepare for it. Kind of like the old stuff in the 1950s and 1960s where people built bunkers out of fear for nuclear war breaking out. Beck took it to such an extreme that it was just pure fear mongering.

 Post subject: Re: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, '09, 12:37 am 
I find him to be nothing short of tasteless. On the air he put on a show of how he'd murder Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He had someone (I'm assuming a staffer from backstage or something) come out in a Pelosi mask and he passed her a glass of wine. He then made a comment about being surprised about being able to socialize with her as he isn't a friend or big Democratic donor (as if Republicans don't also socialize with their friends and big donors) then said he put poison in the wine. Like her or not...I'm sorry, you do not pretend to MURDER someone on the air. How he got away with that I do not understand and for me only FURTHER discredits Fox News. :fiery:

 Post subject: Re: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, '09, 6:22 pm 
There's republicans who go out of their way to steer the ship into what they see is the right direction while doing their homework and accepting the fact the democrats won the last election. There are also those who are only concerned with destroying the "enemy" by any means necessary and gaining power for themselves, whether that benefits the US as a whole or not. Beck certainly falls into the latter category. And in order to take on Obama in 2012, the GOP can only do two things...hope some massive crisis tears apart the US under Obama's watch or put the attack dogs back on the leash and become constructive.

I personally dislike rabid fearmongering. It shows a disregard for the people you claim to represent.

 Post subject: Re: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, '09, 12:13 am 
Here's to hoping they become constructive. :proposetoast: We could really use someone working to provide some positive news these days, right?

 Post subject: Re: Glenn Beck
PostPosted: Tue Sep 1, '09, 3:05 am 
The thing that gets to me is that if he'd been making fun of George W. Bush, back when he was still president no one would have likely said a thing, but because he went after Barrack Hussein Obama political lobbyists attack him by threatening his shows sponsors. It's purely an attack on freedom of speech.

As for the thing about his sattire of Pelosi, Saturday Night Live and Mad TV have done far more horrible and uncalled for sattires of politicians than he did and yet no one ever uses that as an excuse to lobby against those shows existences.

What it all comes down to is that Obama hates Glenn Beck so Obama called or promised favors to some unknown lobbying groups that no one in the general public had ever even heard of before now to undermine Beck.

In the end it's politicians waging unconstitutional war upon the freedom of the press.

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