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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, '07, 10:41 am 
When you're gaming, are there any breakable objects around you? I've heard stories of people throwing controllers when frustrated or angry with a game. Have you ever done that, or broken anything while gaming?

I have some breakables around, like my PC monitor and similar. I've never actually broken anything when playing a game, though. If I get frustrated with a game, I usually just take a break from it.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, '07, 6:42 pm 
I'll never understand how some people can get angry over a game to the point of breaking things. :o When I'm frustrated, I'll take a break and resume playing later if I really wanted to get past a certain part or whatever.

As far as breakables go... My PC! D: And maybe the game console itself? :yaknow:

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, '07, 7:11 pm 
:lookaround: :shhh: *don't tell anyone* XD :duck: I pretty much owe my family a new PS1 for what I did to it. XDDDDDDDDD :covereyes:

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, '07, 6:46 pm 
Sparky! What did you do, throw the PS1? :D

I've tossed my controller lightly a few times when frustrated. I haven't pitched it across the room at anything. Just threw it straight down (usually on my bed, so no damage). I'd dropped them plenty of times, but that never breaks them.

As for breakables... well, there's the TV, my pc, sometimes a glass bowl or a drinking glass, depending on which room I play in.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, '07, 6:50 pm 
XDDDDDD I wasn't allow to play no more, so I through a temper tantrum, *and the controller* It brought the whole thing crashing down to the ground, It never worked again.... XDDDDDD
Pretty much everything is breakable, Glass table, TV, Pictures, Giant mirror, wooden cabinet that everything is sitting on, giant window, bar with many glass *dies of laughter*

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