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PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, '10, 5:44 pm 
Started to put this in the ridiculous item of the day, but thought it might go well here also since it is gaming related : :wink: ... ?gt1=43001


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, '10, 10:29 pm 
You know how those stories about gaming addiction pop up every now and then? I think this is one of those cases. That guy had a serious problem to do all of that for a console.

Now, with that said, if it was his console (as in, his property and not her property), the girlfriend was wrong to take it. He could have called the cops on her and had her arrested for theft. This does not in any way justify his reaction or addiction. I just don't think she anticipated the consequences of taking the system with her very well.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, '10, 7:14 pm 
This is the kind of story that Jack Thompson will jump on to prove that video games are evil!!! Seriously, this guy has an addiction problem...I have one too, but never to that point. Girlfriend IMHO was right in her complains (though not in her actions). Before playing, do something productive with your life, and take car also of your loved ones. Then in your spare time, play the games :)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, '10, 7:29 pm 
Yeah that is crazy, I would never chase her down for a ps3. Now if it was my saturn on the other hand...


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