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 Post subject: Burger King home delivery
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, '12, 12:41 am 
Burger King is trying a new strategy in the hamburger wars....home delivery!!!! ... 52604104/1

Right now it's only available in the Washington, D.C. area, but who knows what will happen if the trial run is a success!!!

It sounds great, but I only have one problem (beside wondering whether the food will still be hot on arrival) and that is, what's going to happen if they mess up your order and you need to exchange it???? It seems we always have that problem at some of the burger restaurants we go to when we want to have the burger done "our way" and skip some of the pickles, lettuce, onions, or whatever, but then again, isn't Burger King famous for "have it your way", lol.

I hope their home delivery works, although, they probably would only make deliveries to a certain area in or around a town.

What do you think....will this BK home delivery work, or not??

Let us know if they try it in your area, and how it goes there.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, '12, 3:41 am 
I'd be interested in trying this at least once, just to see if the food is still warm when delivered. I expect it will be a long time before it is ever offered in my area, if at all. That thing about living within a ten minute drive of the store is somewhat restricting.

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